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    Lifehacker EP45-UD3P OSx86

    yea i did set it to AHCI already. (followed lifehacker's guide closely step by step) everything was alright till the mandatory reboot after the install. my hdd, which i installed osx on, just doesn't show on the bootloader after it restarts, although i'm able to select my hdd as a startup disk from the installer. if I select it, then it will reboot but gets stuck at "verifying dmi pool data", which i know happens cos stellarolla isn't patched in my hdd. i'm at my wits end. i tried everything from journaled, case sensitive journaled, no spaces in my hdd name, no numbers in my hdd name. im so close to the finish line it's frustrating! been searching the forums for days and tried possible solutions but it's still the same. darn i'll continue searching and see if anything pops up. in the meantime, any help would be greatly appreciated! Thx!
  2. clarencek

    Introduce yourself.

    hi guys clarence here. been eyeing on building a osx86 myself for quite sometime now and came across this forum!
  3. clarencek

    Lifehacker EP45-UD3P OSx86

    addtional info: I read it somewhere on this forum that the problem may be due to a older monitor im using. Changed it HD 23" samsung LCD monitor but the end result is still the same.
  4. clarencek

    Lifehacker EP45-UD3P OSx86

    Hi guys I recently got to know about osx86 and tried installing it but encountered some problems. I followed the lifehacker guide http://lifehacker.com/5360150/install-snow...acking-required Everything went smoothly till I need to restart after installing. After restarting, I was unable to find the HDD partition that I installed the osx86 on the bootloader. Only the USB Boot drive was there and I'm stuck with the installer even though osx86 has already been installed. My Specs are as follows: Gigabyte EP45-UD3P Palit GTS 250 2 x 2GB OCZ ram 1TB Hitachi Deskstar HDD Corsair 550W PSU Any help would be appreciated!