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  1. case in point... esata isn't exactly wireless now is it? so in that regard the comparison is off as you have to have a physical connection between your computer and that esata drive. if you opt to use it (tc) via one of the three gigabit ports, that might tip the equation somewhat, seeing as gigabit should yield considerably higher throughput than wireless, even 802.11n, ever will. on the price.. well i, too, think it's a bit steep all things considered. after all 500gig samsung sata drives are on sale for something like 75 euros around here. but then again apple claims the drives to be 'server grade' so that usually adds a buck and a half to a regular harddisk. throw in the printer port, it being wireless, etc...
  2. Hacking Leopard GUI

    just a quick question. i've been tinkering with the scurve images a bit. and since i decided i don't want that rectangular backwards tiltes slab but something with rounded edges, i did it. thing is, to get the round edges you have to use a rectangular picture with transparent corners. now where the corners are transparent the windows atop it will reflect. that looks really stupid. from what i gather so far the amount of reflection is based upon the value of transparency for that pixel, eh? any chance to get rid of the reflection entirely by some command or whatnot yet still retain your customized dock graphics (maybe even with transparency)? also has anyone tried skinning the widgets screen? the graphics for that are also stored in dock.app, so it should be a walk in the park really. and it would seem as if you could remove the names from items on the dock by changing a value inside the dock.app package (one of the plist things iirc) or by terminal command - i haven't tried that yet though...
  3. well it is supposed to be a 9a581 install. yet it doesn't show 9a581 in about me but 10.5 (official build i guess). anyway, if i go to the software bit in "more info" it lists the system version as Mac OS X 10.5 (9A581), Kernel Darwin 9.0.0. So this is, as it should be , a 9a581 install and as such should work with your driver now what i did last night was reinstall tiger 10.4.8 off an old image that had your 10.4.8 .003 driver running - with full resolution change and CI and QE enabled and working. Then i installed leopard atop it and am now in it (after applying the brazilmac patch). so now i'm in said leopard and about me shows me the following: type: display bus: pcie pcie land width: x16 vram (total): 256mb (actually it is a 512mb card) vendor: ati (0x1002) device id: 0x7249 (which is correct) revision id: 0x0000 display: resolution: 1024x768 depth: 32-bit color core image: hardware accelerated main display: yes mirror: off online: yes quartz extreme: supported this is what i get from the leftovers of the tiger install (where i had the full resolution options working too). with your .02 leopard installer i got full resolution change, but core image: software quartz extreme: unsupported (or whatever it says when it's not working). i'm currently running the tiger .003 installer on my leopard install. see what that yields. /edit 1 ok so the .003 tiger installer added the following to the above screen: chipset model: ati radeon x1900 series vram (total): 512 mb (now it's displaying the correct value here) display: hm903d/dt (which is actually my crt that's hooked to it) resolution: 1280x960 @ 85 hz core image: software quartz extreme: not supported rotation: supported display connector: no display connected (which is whatever.. hehe) so now i'm going to run the .02 leopard installer of yours, see what happens. brb /edit 2 now that i ran the leopard installer, all that has changed to the tiger installer is that the card now is back to 256mb again and that it doesn't display the name of the display i'm running nor the rotation bit. it's back to 1024x768 with 32bit core image: software quartz extreme: not supported HM. i'm thinking i'll go back to the original leopard atop tiger install (restore that image) and try messing with the kexts to get the full res change, as everything else seemed to be working that way. i guess that means checking through a few kexts whether the 7249 id is in them or not. natit, x1000 that should be it, i guess. see what happens /edit 3 (last one, i promise) so i saw a link to niko's project somewhere. seems it's using the same looking installer as you jccool. anyway. i downloaded his latest x1950xt thing and low and behold, it works, everything, ci, qe, full res change. so i'm one happy bunny now. Leopard works 100% awesome. time to install some essential tools and create an image of the install. thanks all.
  4. awesome, will give it a run soon. was just about preparing to do a complete reinstall based of a 10.4.8 image where i had your driver working with my 1900xt 512 with everything working. used that same driver for 10.5 now and got core image (CI) listed as software and quartz extreme (QE) as not supported - that being the only things i have not got running in my leo install (based upon a slimmed down 10.4.8). will report back asap. hm. i get the same as before (with the old driver, that being the "x1950xt installer 0.3.pkg"). only difference is that with this new leopard 0.2 i'm back at 1024/60 hz. but no quartz extreme and only software core image. now i gotta think what i did last time to make this work (with 10.4.8, 6 months is a long time )
  5. did you do a clean install or was this based upon a previous tiger install? i assume it is the former. what you might want to do is boot in safe mode or have the verbose text output active to see if it spews forth any error msgs. i had somewhat of an issue trying to do a clean leo install. got about to the same point as you, just that it would sit there forever and display the rainbow ball of death (aka not doing anything, hanging ball). i was pointed doing a clean tiger install first and then slap leo atop it - that worked perfectly fine for me. what i tried before doing this double whammy install was deactiving anything and everything in my bios. onboard sound, off, onboard lan (dual), off, onboard firewire, off... that would get me past the "do you want to transfer stuff?" screen - but it would hang on the following one - where i was supposed to tell him "got no network" (all disabled, remember?). but it wouldn't have it. i'd try safe mode with text output while booting first.
  6. Help buying a new macbook Pro

    i got the new 15" 256mb one. haven't used finalcut but have been using cs3 for a lot of photoediting. oh and my screen is matte. while i'd say the glossy looks porntasticly awesome, it can be a bi+ch to work with, depending on the light situation in the room around you. with the matte screen i can have a light behind me and get not so much as a reflection. it's like there's nothing behind me. with the glossy, at times, you can use it as a mirror. it really depends on the angle and the general environment. i think with the glossy one might be easier to clean though, but i don't know that. on the update. isn't it that there was a statement of some sort or other that you could update for free if you bought your kit inside a certain period prior to the release of the coming update? like if you bought a new mbp with iworks 07 a week before iworks 08 was released, you'd still get 08 or could get it for free? might be true with leper, eh, leopard, too.
  7. New mbp in refurb stores?

    try student rebates... that's what i did. also fly to the us, buy it there, and return with it. flight and everything included, you still save a penny lol. that's also what i did (though i'm still uh.. over there). back to school offers are the bomb... we're seriously lacking that in the old world. got a 15" 2.4 c2d the day on release and an ipod30gb black for <2000 eur plus i've to send of my mail-in rebate for another $199 (140ish eur) rebate (so the ipod cost me $50, no kidding)... other than that, i doubt it'll be likely to see a new mbp in the refurb-store anytime soon, and if you do, the prices won't be significantly lower than retail. after all they are barely over 2 weeks old now.
  8. i noticed something weird after installing the latest fusion on my new mbp. once i was done installing, after the next reboot cpu load would go to 100%. caused by airport. sooo i turned airport off although i'm connecting to a wifi network here, which still works even with airport gone (wtf?). then reboot, same thing. it got annoying, because the book running full blast all the time doing nothing isn't exactly helping keeping things cool and stuff. so google it was.. seems like most people that reported similar things in the past had some weird vnc stuff going that would cause it. well i know for certain that i only installed fusions latest beta at that time. so i decided to uninstall it et voila load is back to normal so has anyone else experienced this? i would really love to give fusion a shot, but not if it's causing 100% load even when it's not running. i actually never ran it so far. doh. i got me the wxp64 trial of microsoft but didn't get to install it yet. so i'm thinking maybe give parallels a shot? DOH
  9. well 5hrs battery, i dont believe that. i got the 15" 2.4g c2d since tuesday and on fiddling around with photoshop and watching a movie in the background, i didnt get 3hrs of battery time. i'd say more like 2 3/4 hrs. so this wasn't full load, but rather more like 20-40% load for most of the time. still i didn't find it to be that much. but then again i don't really care. the battery, to me, is only there for emergencies. right now the battery display tells me it's at 100% unplugged it now. see how long it lasts. 100% @ 22:33pm now 50% @ 00:11, surfing / downloading only, nothing else really 6% @ 01:22, see above, "you're running on reserve" warning just came up 0% @ 01:31, went into sleep mode on its own. during all this screen brightness was around 5 to 6 bars from the left, keyboard backlight is always off (don't need it anyway)
  10. Macbook Pro LED update in June?

    typing on the 2.4 15" here now, yup, they've def been released
  11. Microsoft Surface

    is it just me or is jeff han shown in both videos? like the one where he showcases his stuff about 10 months to a year ago and now this one. what if he and microsoft joined forces? maybe they bought him out or something and he's now working with them. would make a lot of sense to me instead of two companies trying for the exact same thing. one probably, just probably, a slight bit less concerned about development costs than the other.. eh?
  12. according to my local dealer, i can buy a mac in the us and take it back here and have the full warranty. global warranty according to him, so it shouldn't be a problem
  13. ok, so i now managed to get a pixel on screen. and apparently there is a possibility of just drawing a single one. there's a few good tutorials that take you through much of the opengl worlds possibilities at http://nehe.gamedev.net/ their examples are "easy" enough and fairly straightforward / simple. it's just that when you download the mac osx source code examples to the actual lessons you go "wtf?". i mean, i did the first two or three tuts and it was easy enough, coming up with my own variants along the way. my code being roughly 40 lines total. now i look at the (supposed- ly) sourcecode of those examples for mac osx that's also linked there and it is spread over 4 or 5 files (compared to my 3) and has at least 5 times the amount of code. seriously what gives? i thought examples to be easy, that source doesn't help, at all. it's more confusing than anything - but it works, yay that. anyway.. what i also found is that the render to texture bit is probably the way to go, seeing how opengl is nowhere near the way of olden days 320x200 linear videomemory addressing bit. you don't have pixels with fixed coordinates per se, but points relative to the screencenter with float values (yuck). in my days float was the killer, performance wise. /more of a rant than a useful reply, this.
  14. they have occlusion in these things already, really? that would be like a good step towards a real 3d engine. i'd have expected it to be more like a library of routines, draw_rectangle, draw circle or what have you. interesting. guess i'll be spending some times browsing docs now, looking for texture manipulation. at first i was starting to dissect the 3d examples, but i didn't find what i was looking for there. i'll go with opengl, as that makes it easier portable to other systems. though ci may seem to be more to the point with this, but ogl is universal. might do the same for my windoze box once i'm done (with whatever i come up with) thanks for your input so far!
  15. hm, yea. i thought something like this would be the case. to be perfectly honest, i was expecting it. the thing with using polygons is that it is probably a waste of performance compared to individual pixels. even if, in this case, it is only display- ing a single pixel. still it needs to handle 4 values instead of just 2 and i think that would be somewhat slower. whether that would be noticeable at all remains to be seen, but my "guestimation" theory would have it run at /2 the speed. well the idea i have is trying to bring some old plasma routines and use them as a screensaver (with further additions apparently). something like the image you see here: http://www.pygame.org/pcr/numpy_plasma/plasma.png of course not with candy colors like that and in a smooth fashion, as in more or less individual pixels to not get as blockish an appearance as that of the linked image. also what kinda bothers me with this opengl malarky is the fact that you don't seem to be using real pixel values anymore but relative ones ranging from 0 to 1. 1 apparently refering to the width of the drawing area. while this makes for a neat scalability, it would probably make my plasma look {censored}e (depending on the approach i take to the resolution of the plasma). btw the plasma just being one example here. i have plenty of other ideas for old- skool intro / demo routines to be used. basically i just want to do some basic gfx- programming. and the way i learned it was based on pixels, not polygons (yea welcome to 2007 , i know) /edit missed to reply to the render to texture stuff. while that is an idea that would probably work, i have no idea how to sort of manipulate the texture in realtime. as in draw a rectangle the size of the screen, then update the texture every time the screen is done redrawing. that would probably be much like the way i'm used to doing it. in this case i would "just" need how to manipulate the area in memory where the texture is stored. could work. would need to know then whether i need to reload / reapply the texture to the square every time i change it or whether it is done automatically when the rectangle is redrawn (texture cached somewhere maybe? that could case problems) pointers to docs in that regard? thanks