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  1. Have just been pondering Apple's options...: If, instead of sending the usual lawyers, they release the x86 port of OS X under GPL, what would happen: 1) Loads of drivers. All the Linux drivers (which is a *lot*) would be readily portable. 2) Lots of early adaption. People could legally give it a try on their own PC. 3) Plenty of bug reports for rapid improvement. Good for Apple & all Then something else comes into view (point intended): Why wait for Windows Vista? When you can have a rock-solid OS with the best user interface on earth. At a price you can't beat and you get the source, too. Lots of readily available applications (think 'Adobe'). Retailers could preinstall it on PC's, avoiding paying the Windows tax and providing a better OS on top of it. While Apple might not reap monumental financial awards immediately, Microsoft without is defacto OS monopoly would find its financial foundation crumbling, fast. Would be a hard blow to Linux as well. Just speculating... -Henrik