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  1. Bootloaders... ugh

    which one? hard drive A (contains the default boot partition) cannot boot at all it has windows 7 and mac os x 10.6.2 installed on it. Hard drive B has vista and XP on it. By booting hard drive B via bios I am able to access windows vista (which is the default boot partition on that hard drive) and windows 7 (it gives me the option to select windows 7). If you're talking about hard drive A, no it can't boot. If you're talking about hard drive B, yes it can boot, but it doesn't recognize XP which is on that hard drive but it does recognize Windows 7, which is on the other hard drive
  2. Bootloaders... ugh

    So I had my system running with default disk booting chameleon 2.0 rc4 (just installed it). However, it would not recognize Windows XP and Windows Vista, which were installed on a seperate disk. So I tried to install easybcd. When I rebooted, though I got the dreaded Error - File:\Boot\BCD status 0xc000000f however, when I boot into the other disc I can access windows vista (which is on that disk) and Windows 7 (which is on the disk that won't boot) but doesn't recognize windows xp at all... What's going on?
  3. Nearly 100% out of the box working Hackintosh

    good for you man! unfortunately my graphics card - the ATI Radeon Hd 3450 will never have kext to support it due to the special way it was made. Therefore I can't run applications like final cut. Good to see someone have so much success, though.
  4. [NOOB] I need some big big help. [NOOB]

    first you'll have to download/ purchase a copy of the patched software popular versions include Kalyway, iAtkos, iDeneb, and Hazard I am running Hazard install atm you can see a step by step video here
  5. Introduce yourself

    hey i'm new to the forum and I'm trying to fix up my quadruple boot setup... lol