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  1. I want hack the bios to let it run with ar9280 wifi card. I searched about how to modify whitelist and downloaded EZH2O and other tools needed. But when I try to open 1646.fd extracted from hp bios file, it says this is not insydeh2o bios.....FT!! HP use insyde flash to update the bios, but ezh2o could not open it?! Anyone can help me? Thanks
  2. Not working with LION GM.........
  3. 看上这台本本的配置和2011 mbp差不多,入手以后发现dsdt确实是个大麻烦。 目前声卡(IDT),内置无线(Intel)无解。 i5 speedstep无效, 内置显卡原生驱动。 6750M识别为“显示器”且不工作。 睡眠就重启。 内置HD摄像头可以工作但是分辨率很差。 今日折腾无数,发现在windows下用aida64竟然可以提取到7个ssdt,其中有一个是描述6750M和内置显卡的关系的,但是无奈死活无法编译成aml,总有错误。其余大部分都是描述cpu的。目前进度卡在ssdt和dsdt的关系以及编译上。 有这个本本的,也在折腾的希望能多交流,说不定可以找到希望。 没有编程经验就是郁闷呐~~ 详细请见此连接:http://bbs.pcbeta.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=888049&page=1&extra=#pid20542316
  4. Same error, but will not hang.
  5. Hi all, I just installed OSX 10.7 Lion DP3 on my new laptop HP dv4 3011TX. It has Core i5 and ATI 6750M. Issues I met while installation: 1. IOSerialFamily.kext caused reboot before got installation screen. ---------Solved by rm -Rf S/L/E/AppleIntelCPUPower* on installation disk 2. No mouse and keyboard. ------------Solved with kext AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext and ApplePS2Controller.kext 3. No sound --------------Solved by ESI USB sound card 4. No wifi. ---------------------------Solved by Ralink USB wifi. 5. No Speedstep. ------------------------Modified dsdt and AppleLPC was load, applied HPET and RTC patch with dsdt auto patcher. But still got KP if remove the NULLCPUPowerManagement and ElliottForceLegacyRTC. Need more help. 6. Only Intel HD works and no external display/HDMI. ---------------------Tried GraphicsEnabler=Yes, just bring me reboot. And in about this mac, I can see Intel HD and a monitor with ATI graphic card device id. Need more help~ 7. No sleep. ------------------------------------If I put it to sleep, then only way wake it up is push the power buttone and it will be reboot. Need more help. I attached the dsdt now I'm use. Hope I can get it perfect with your help~~
  6. Hi, I just bought HP DV4 3011TX core i5-2410M, ATI 6750M, and I already added some dsdt fixes to enable appleLPC, and installed 10.7 lion DP3. Could anyone help me with dsdt fix the speedstep/6750M/external display/reboot after wakeup ?
  7. Any update? I just installed Lion DP3 on my HP DV4 3011TX, its also have the HM65 MB and I5 2410M CPU, ATI 6750M graphic card. Now I only get Intel HD3000 with QE/CI. Researching on edit dsdt for speedstep and 6750m working.