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  1. Hi Can anyone tell me if its possible to swap or interchange a logic board within the same year , model of Apple laptop? Example: I have a 13.3 inch macbook Air 1466 model 2013 ~ 2014 machine. i5 intel core duo, 1.3ghz , 4gb ram, 128gb ssd. The board is fried, liquid spill. Rather than look for a 1.3ghz replacement board. I notice there are other logic board variations available within the same family of MBA 13". I was thinking of using the 1.7ghz board or a higher processor board. Are all the screw holes on the MBA casing chassis the same? Are the connectors and cables the same fitting through out the different A1466 (mba 6,2) logic boards ? Thanks in advance for reading and taking the time to reply.
  2. Introduce yourself.

    Howdy folks, I'm tsam19. I've been using and working with Apple products for the last 10 years of so. I've always got questions to ask and answers to give. Looking forward to meeting a lot of like minded people on here. Thanks for reading.
  3. Hello It looks like I need to replace my superdrive in my 17" 2ghz intel imac late 2006, there is no life in it what so ever. I've tried reinstalling the original operating system as I've heard this works, but to no avail. Its currently a Mat{censored}a UJ-85J Superdrive, burns the dual layer discs, (used to!). What if any, could I replace it with, does it have to be the exact same model of superdrive? I'm looking for a refurbed one as I want to upgrade to a newer Imac in the next 6 months anyway. I've phone apple & for a new one fitted its around £165! Or are there alternative models, for instance from a G5, that will work? Or is it possible to have the old one fixed? Any tips would be beneficial. Thanks.
  4. Introduce yourself.

    Hello there fellow mac users! I'm a new forum member & want to say this site is great.