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  1. disk59

    Current hardware advice needed

    Not yet, apple only seem to sell it on USB stick, can't seem to find DVD or direct Download, So with this system , it should run fine? What issues are likely to be present? Cheers
  2. disk59

    Current hardware advice needed

    Anyone? Really wanna be using os liOn lol
  3. Hi all, Never done this before, any advice is welcomed My CPU is a intel i7 2600k sandy bridge My motherboard is a asrock extreme 4 z68 Ram is 2x 4gb corsair Power supply is corsair 850watt Hard drives are 1 500gb wd sata6 Gfx card is a nvida 8800 gtx 768mb onboard memory What are the likely chances of running os lion on this system? The only things I can think of it not running on this is my motherboard, Would allso like some handy links to get me going or if any of you could help that would be great Thanks in advance