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    cdoublejj got a reaction from Nurikos in [GUIDE] How to fix Appstore, iBooks, iCloud   
    idk what you did to the uploaded files but, the extract as a folder called "contents" ass if someone opened up the actual .app file. they ca not be renamed to .app
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    cdoublejj got a reaction from Nurikos in [GUIDE] How to fix Appstore, iBooks, iCloud   
    idk what you did to the uploaded files but, the extract as a folder called "contents" ass if someone opened up the actual .app file. they ca not be renamed to .app
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    cdoublejj reacted to chunyan0001 in MAC PRO Case mod project with EATX motherboard   
    >>Hi digiboy
    Thanks for your interest
    Update project state.
    Original MAC PRO case can not install ATX or EATX MB because the SATA cable interference with it.
    For this issue. I got some SATA connector free sample from Molex sales yesterday.
    (The part number is: CD011170A but phase out now)

    Use this connector. The case can be install ATX/EATX MB without interference with SATA cable.

    The gap between MB and case only 1.5mm each side.

    For install Galaxy 1000W power supply I cut out the CD-ROM chassis and remove fan partition.

    And here is MB chassis concept.
    All the standoffs will remove for new MB chassis.
    The chassis will make by aluminum and CNC cutting.
    So now I need to check case inner dimension for new chassis kit.

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    cdoublejj reacted to chunyan0001 in MAC PRO Case mod project with EATX motherboard   
    TYAN S5382
    The most powerful motherboard with Intel 5000P chipset and the same platform with MAC PRO.
    Maybe you will feel I'm a fool that use the same platform but needs so much refit the parts.
    Because my S5382 motherboard is the engineering sample from TYAN.
    It's a very good design in server platform.
    After look at the spec and design of motherboard.
    I decide use the MAC PRO case to do this project because the structure almost the same with MAC PRO mother board.
    But TYAN S5382 can support 64GB ram with 16 DIMM slot higher than MAC PRO original memory card.
    And I want to use 8 hard drive to build a RAID-6 system with Dell PERC 6-i RAID card.
    Yes~ It's also engineering sample from Dell.
    Here is my system quick view.
    All the power / signal cable will re design to fit my motherboard and power supply.
    Maybe I will take two or three weeks to do this project.
    Photo as below.
    Case inside

    The components block quick view

    Use three 12cm fan for CPU/chipset/memory/harddrive cooling

    I will not cut out all back panel to fit my motherboard I/O.
    Another way I'll make some cable to link between back panel and motherboard.

    If this project can be success.
    That I will have a more powerful inside than MAC PRO but keep beautiful outside.
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    cdoublejj reacted to Kevin Pham in KP's G5 Hackintosh Build *UPDATED* 3/4   
    Below is my attempt to build my hackintosh in a G5 case. Here are pictures from the build.

    Here is the crucial part of the build, making room for the motherboard tray by getting rid of this divider.
    If you need a guide on how to take it out, nikkokick has outlined how in his G5 build.

    I had to use a special blade designed specifically to cut into this metal. I happened to have a miter saw, so I was able to make a really clean cut.

    Notice that I saved three of the attachment points that attach to the slider and two attachment points that attach to the G5. Those are going to be crucial later on since I plan to put my optical on top and also hang my hard drive bay from there.

    I began to tackle the back by outlining where I needed to cut. I wanted the rear panel to sit on some mesh, not fall through, so I used the edge of the two 80mm fans as a guide. (Though I ended up cutting further out since I wanted the fans to sit flush).

    I ended up using a full sized angle grinder / rotary tool rather than a Dremel, since I didn't want it to take hours.

    The next thing I realized was that the motherboard tray rear panel covered the unlocking mechanism, so I needed to find a way to cut it. What I did was rather cheap solution, but it worked. I put the rear panel on as I would've wanted it, and from the inside, I marked with an ultra-fine tip sharpie. I chose the mesh "line" closest to the unlock mechanism and dotted my cutting line.

    It wasn't the best cut I've ever done, but it was enough to make sure that the unlocking mechanism would be accesible. For this, since the tray was so thin, I did use the Dremel with the metal cutting discs on them.

    The night started to come, so the pictures started getting darker..

    Here is the divider put back into the case.

    The unlocking mechanism normally gives you a gratifying "click" when you lock it. Upon removal of the steel divider, it no longer did that, so I wanted to figure out a way. If you look at that long piece of plastic, there are "spots" or "areas."
    I chose the area between the first hex bolt (closest to the hinge) and the first (of the three) locking pins. I took a piece of paper, folded it a few times over to give it a bit of thickness, and stuffed it between the plastic slide and the metal. It now clicks like a charm!


    I started to JBweld (I used the Qwik variety) the G5 standoffs to my mobo tray. I really wanted to finish the case in one day, so I didn't go out to look for screws. If it was the optimum situation, I would screw through the mobo tray into the standoff, but time didn't permit. I ended up putting seven of the standoffs throughout and spread them evenly.

    I gave them about 30-40 minutes to harden enough to do the next step.
    I made more JBWeld, coated the other side of the standoff, and carefully flipped the entire mobo tray and slid it into the G5. I kept the rear panel attached so that it wouldn't shift the mobo tray.
    :: UPDATED 3/04

    I've actually been working on two case, one for my friend and one for myself. He wanted to keep the G5 HD caddy, I went a different route since I wanted to expand to 4+ hard drives. For the original caddies, I noticed that if I just mounted the caddy straight onto the optical tray, there may not be enough space to manipulate a hard drive into the caddy. I fixed that by putting a 1" coupler to act as a spacer between two screws.

    I only used three points for attachment. (I screwed up my drills a few time, if you can't tell.)

    I bought this HD Rack: http://www.newegg.co...N82E16816111045
    I took the fan off from the back and stripped the power switch and adapter. I then added my own fan to the left (also my intake fan) with a 1" spacer so that I can still access the locking mechanism for each of the bays. I took their fan and put in the right, to use as a suction fan.

    I also cut a hole into the bottom of the HD bay so that my power supply will be able to take in some air, as well.
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    cdoublejj reacted to meltman in Melt's G5 mods - one complete, one in progress   
    Finally sourced the right size screws for the twins in the rear. I'm flat impressed with the Enermax enlobal bearing fans I purchased. They move more air and are quieter than the 120mm Antec fan that was on the heatsink prior.
    Final pics unless I get ambitious and build an air guide shroud for the heatsink. Enjoy!






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    cdoublejj reacted to meltman in Melt's G5 mods - one complete, one in progress   
    I did get my 80mm fans (finally!). Last night I cut up the stock fan grill to make ones that will fit on the 80s.

    Man, those are gonna look AWESOME back there!

    Need 8 screws and nuts and that will be done!

    I'll get the proper hardware today and get them bolted up tonight. Very cool.
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    cdoublejj reacted to JBraddock in Melt's G5 mods - one complete, one in progress   
    Hello meltman,
    You've made quite a progress. Congrats. I also bought a G5 case to mod when I have time but sadly it got damaged in the post. So I haven't tried it myself but I have a couple of suggestions/questions if I may.
    Have you ever considered widening the back plate all the way up to the corners to cover perforated aluminium. See below for what I mean. (via). Alternatively, you can use perforated aluminium sheet to keep the original look as much as possible. To me, this way it seems more 'complete'. The way you use the power supply is brilliant so i would keep it that way and wouldn't open a big hole on the back.
    Since you already have the back plate, it is just a matter of cutting a piece of aluminium that can cover the back and then open the necessary holes for the plate.

    Again, I think with such a change, you may even have more fan choices such as a 140mm fan, assuming you shift it to the very left as much as possible. Not sure if you could put a two 92mm fan but If you could that would be frosting on the cake as you then would be able to use the original rear fan assembly.
    Are you going to put any fan to the front?
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    cdoublejj got a reaction from Whosondephone in 10.8 floppy support   
    Mac OS X has always had USB floppy drive support since at least Public Preview or 10.0.
    However what I want to know is whether Mac OS X (Hackintosh) could support PC's internal floppy controller and drive.
    EDIT: waht about LS120 drives, they are IDE and read floppies?

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    cdoublejj reacted to Slice in where can i find model number specific working video cards?   
    You should learn how to use Clover and where to download the installer beginning from the link.
    I don't think the same is possible with Chameleon although I appreciated father bootloader.
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    cdoublejj reacted to XTuga in where can i find model number specific working video cards?   
    So you don't have it in System Report?
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    cdoublejj reacted to jamiethemorris in does mavericks allow for 2 video cards?   
    I think you have to have vt-d for pcie passthrough, but as long as you have that you should be fine.
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    cdoublejj reacted to Rampage Dev in does mavericks allow for 2 video cards?   
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    cdoublejj reacted to Rampage Dev in does mavericks allow for 2 video cards?   
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    cdoublejj reacted to dcai777 in 10.6.8 post install issues.   
    edit the info.plist inside the pkg
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    cdoublejj reacted to dcai777 in 10.6.8 post install issues.   
    Started in 2012: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/
    Also, the Pentium 4 524 is a LGA775 CPU. All 5xx and 6xx P4's are LGA 775, and the 6xx are mostly 64-bit.
    Just don't expect support here with Chimera and iB00t. Go to  tony himself
    And you can find everything he has by using google, as his distros are really combos of kexts and packages made by other people.
    Charmelon is still actively developed, and can boot 10.10 with some tweaks.
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    cdoublejj reacted to fantomas in 10.6.8 post install issues.   
    only for iAtkos M (Mavericks)
    the previous releases are still supported
    edit: change your topic title, please
    I already warned you about this 
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    cdoublejj reacted to dcai777 in 10.6.8 post install issues.   
    The SMBIOS is whatever you have assigned. Yes, it is backwards compatible. iATKOS M(Mavericks) is no longer free, with a needed 10$ "donation". Chimera has minor edits from Charmelon. Just use this version: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/59-chameleon-22-svn/
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    cdoublejj reacted to Plucka in GT 240 Woes   
    The version of osx 86 tools that I used is working in SL, that is the the one downloaded from the link above. see pic for proof.
    Give that one a go it does work, cheers, Plucka

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    cdoublejj reacted to WallyFTW in GT 240 Woes   
    I have to say the best way to install a graphics card is through EFI strings. Now here you mention you tried the 9800's EFI string and it didn't work properly. I personally do not have a GT240 but I used this method with my GeForce 210 on 10.6.2 and Its fully accelerated.
    First off you're going to need a Window's computer & a USB drive. Windows doesn't have to be the computer that OS X is installed on though.
    1) On Windows, download HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool from here. Install it and run it.
    2) Go to the HP Tool and select your USB drive from the "Devices" drop-down menu. Set the "File System" to FAT. Check the boxes which say "Quick Format" & "Create a DOS Startup Drive".
    3) Download & extract this file to your desktop. Under "Create a DOS Startup Drive" you will see the bullet that says "using DOS system files located at" and then browse to the folder you just extracted onto your desktop. Click Start.
    4) Download and extract the NVFlash.zip to your desktop. Copy over the nvflash.exe to the root of the USB drive. Restart and boot from the USB.
    5) Upon restart, you will be prompted the DOS environment. Type:

    nvflash.exe --save GT240.ROM exit
    6) The GT240.ROM will be saved onto the root of the USB drive. Boot into OS X.
    7) Download this app and run it. Load the GT240.ROM file you just created. Click Ok and you will be rewarded with the NVCAP value of your card.
    8) Download and run OSx86 Tools and click "EFI Strings" at the bottom. At the top of the new window click "GFX Strings". From the drop-down list go all the way down to "Custom GeForce...". You will be prompted to type in your card's name & hit next. Then It will ask for the amount of RAM, click 512MB, then it will ask you for the input type (such VGA-DVI or DVI-VGA), that when you click "Custom..." and enter in your NVCAP from the NVCAP Maker app. Finally you will have an EFI string. Click the button which adds it to your com.apple.boot.plist.
    9) Cross your finger and reboot. If all goes well, the system should change resolution at the end of the boot process, before your desktop appears.
    You can also add the EFI string to the com.apple.boot.plist in the /Extra folder by copying it to your desktop, opening it in the text edit and using these keys/strings.

    <key>device-properties</key> <string>ALPHANUMERIC EFI STRING GOES HERE</string>
    I don't know if this will work but you can give it a shot.
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    cdoublejj reacted to Plucka in GT 240 Woes   
    Hey WallyFTW
    Have been trying your method but I get stuck at step 5 I get an error stating that this command cannot be carried out in DOS?
    I get C:\> then I enter nvflash.exe --save GT240.ROM
    See pic for error?
    Any ideas mate?
    Cheers, Plucka

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    cdoublejj reacted to Plucka in GT 240 Woes   
    Hey WallyFTW,
    Succes, thank you very very much for your help and patience your new link worked a treat, and here are the pics to show it.
    It all worked properly and my only mistake was thinking I had a 512 mb card, as it showed up in windows as a 1024 mb card. So I installed it in windows using the official nVidia drivers for this card and in adapter info it showed 1024 mb.
    Anyway I hope this helps some other people as well, if anyone has this card and needs the efi string info give WallyFTW's method a go.
    Once again thank you ever so much and have a great day, afternoon, night, cheers mate, Plucka

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    cdoublejj reacted to Plucka in GT 240 Woes   
    The last link Wally sent me worked for me so I can only say try that one or if it helps I can post the file here for you, I dont know if it will work for you but you can try it.
    See how it goes, cheers mate, Plucka
    This is the flash file of my GT240 card.
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    cdoublejj reacted to Plucka in GT 240 Woes   
    Good luck then, it might be handy to post your specs as well, some other people may see this thread and have more help for you. Just try and follow the steps above as it does work. Otherwise let me know maybe we can figure something else out.
    Cheers mate, Plucka
    PS here is my NVCAP value, my own EFI string and a Hex. file cross fingers maybe they will work for you :-)