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  1. Sound skips in Vista RTM

    Indeed! It is the Atheros wireless card drivers. When I disable the card, Windows works like a charm but when it's enabled, my sound skips and my mouse goes crazy sometimes. I looked around and had no luck getting drivers. Anyone have any idea where to get clean drivers for this card? I know it's a fairly new card, but really! Apple could have done a much better job... ---sigh--- MBP 15", 2.33 GHz.
  2. Input Remapper 1.0.01 Beta

    Please see my reply here
  3. Freezes and other problems

    Thanks for the reply Beyaal. I appreciate everything you've done. I am not familiar enough with mac hardware to say if anything is competing for the SMC. My experience has been strictly on non-apple x86 based machines (the old fashioned BIOS). I don't have Macbook tray tools installed. I do have the "brightness" icon in the systray which was part of the Apple bootcamp drivers install and I did uninstall the apple keyboard drivers as per your instructions. I do often run very CPU intensive programs - I'm a databse developer so for example, I often have Oracle and Sybase runnig simultaneously along with some Java IDE like ecilpse running at once. But before I moved to the Macbook pro, I never experienced these issues. Because of my unfamiliarity with the Mac hardware, I am asking these questions. The sleep mode crash issue is now resolved and you answered the mouse issue in the other post (bad apple driver). As for the other issues: the CPU spikes seem to be somewhere between 5 and 20 secs apart which seems to rule out input remapper. As far as IR is concerned, in the windows task manager, I see 3 processes running (2 under SYSTEM, 1 under my user id) and only one of the processes peaks at 5% CPU but at less than 15 second intervals. The music stutter is totally random. Sometimes twice in 5 seconds other times once in a minute. The keyboard backlight flicker happens may be once every 15 minutes. btw, can you suggest a web site where I can learn the details of SMC? Thanks very much.
  4. Freezes and other problems

    I had posted earlier about some issues with my MBP which I believed to be related to input remapper. As it turns out, the one about sleep mode is not related at all to input remapper. I was having a problem with Windows crashing every time it resumed from sleep mode. As it turns out, the problem is strictly related to Google Updater. Yes! believe it or not, as soon as I disabled Google updater from starting up automatically, and removed the Google bar from Firefox 2, I’ve had no more crashes when waking up my windows MBP (and Firefox crashes are done with also). However, I’m still having the other problems: 1. screen flicker 2. keyboard backlight flickers on/off 3. mouse movement can get very jerky, and it often does 4. music in iTunes stutters badly All these coincide with CPU usage spikes. When I monitor CPU usage, I notice IR is refreshing often and these issues coincide with the refresh although they do not happen every cycle. Other than that, fantastic tool. MBP 15” 2.33 Ghz, 2 GB, 120 GB HD, 256 MB ATI X1600
  5. Hi All, I just bought a MBP 15", 2.3 Ghz, 120 HDD, 2 GB RAM, 256 MB ATI X1600. I was too impatient to wait to order on-line with a larger hard drive and more memory. I'm thinking of upgrading the hard drive to 160 GB and memory to 3 GB (although I'm still debating the RAM) my self. I'm very proficient with computers, although my experience has been strictly PC till now. Any one recommend where to get a new HDD from and whether I should go ahead and install it myself? I know ifixit.com has good instructions but I has anyone here tried opening the guts of a MBP? Thanks alot.
  6. Apple=OverChargers

    I've been buying laptops for 7 years now and desktops for much much longer. I started with Micron who made the best machines I ever used. Then I moved to Dell. Things were great with Dell until 2 years ago when they went to hell without passing go or collecting $200, in both hardware and customer service. Then I switched to HP and they are pretty good machines. To make a long story short, because of my business, I usually buy a new laptop every 15 months or so. 3 weeks ago I was shopping around and decided to get a MBP now that Macs can run Windows. I've heard so much about Apple doing no wrong that I decided to go for it. Needless to say, so far, I think Apple's hardware is good and bad. The internals are good, but the externals are so so at best, meaning the machine is glued together in a flimsy way. And the speakers, oh the speakers, please don't get me started. I'm appalled at the quality of those speakers. Also, only 2 USB port? Give me a break! Anyway, now for the price. I bought the 15" MBP C2D 2.33 Ghz, 2 GB RAM, 120 GB HD, 256 MB ATI X1600, Super drive. Total: $2650.00 including Tax. Dell and HP COULDN’T EVEN COME CLOSE to this price for the same configuration. I get regular discounts from Dell and the last coupon I got from them was $600 off, plus $300 off on the web. That's the only way to get a comparable machine from Dell. With HP, forget the Pavilion, you have to go with the Compaq line and I wouldn't touch that with a 10 foot pole. So, needless to say, I am totally shocked by Apple's pricing. I always believed they were so much more expensive, but I guess it's true, don't believe everything you hear.
  7. Input Remapper 1.0.01 Beta

    Thank you Beliyaal, this is an awesome tool, it alone caused me to keep my MBP (first time Mac user after years of Dell and HP laptops). I run Windows XP Pro via bootcamp and I do have some issues Which I wonder if you can shed some light on (may be they are entirely unrelated to Input Remapper, I just don’t know). 1. Screen flicker. This happens occasionally where the screen flickers for an instant, as if the LCD is being refreshed and it seems to coincide with Input Remapper also refreshing although the screen flicker happens may be once every 10 minutes or so and it happens regardless of the configuration setting 2. Keyboard back light flickers on and off occasionally 3. This one I find really annoying. I would be listening to music, then the sound stutters for an instant. It got better when I unchecked automatic control of screen backlight but it’s still there, although not as bad 4. Finally, I am having problems with Windows crashing if I put it in sleep mode where it would not resume and I’d have to turn off the machine. This worked 50% of the time prior to Beta od I.R. but since I installed the latest beta, Windows crashes 100% of the time on resume from sleep. Do you think this is in any way related to Input Remapper? Thanks so much. MBP 15” 2.33 Ghz, 2 GB, 120 GB HD, 256 MB ATI X1600