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  1. asdfeas

    Is it because of Hackintosh?

    it happened so frequently,it may have no relationship with the motherboard.but a fiend has had his motherboard replacemen,you should check it out before you take descisions.
  2. asdfeas

    enhanced gptsync tool

    I just ran the installer and couldn't find anything having been installed,too. and don’t know why.anyone knows? I’ll be appreciate for posting me.thanks.
  3. thanks for posting it.I'm getting to install java jre on my way
  4. asdfeas

    Safari 5.0.3 Update Released

    Have it .I stick with Firefox for some years, until access to the safari recently.But in the first installation there are some minor problems, but quickly solved
  5. asdfeas

    SwitchSound Script

    it's very nice .i prefer it and already have it . and it running well Ion my system.
  6. asdfeas

    What network cards work?

    when i install the systym ,it couldn't found network card .i do it again ,but it didn't work