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  1. Just quick notes for now, will expand to a comprehensive guide later 1. Format harddrive to MBR 2. Use Yosemite Zone by niresh, default settings except SMBIOS is MacbookPro 8,1 3. BIOS: fastboot off, secureboot off, launchCSM ON 4. Boot from USB by spamming Esc on boot 5. Let it install and end in a Undefined Error:0 and then click Restart 6. Spam Esc and boot back onto USB, select the new installed OSX and boot with flag -v -x GraphicsEnabler=No 7. Let all the Yosemite Zone automated updates finish (say yes to Appstore fix and remove the network interfaces) 8. Download the dsdt.aml below, put it into Extra folder 9. Open Chameleon Wizard, change SMBIOS to premade 9,2 10. If this is single-boot OSX, go to Chameleon Wizard's Boot setting, check the Timeout option, slide it all the way to the left for "Quiet Boot" 11. Reboot from localdisk, no boot flags. 12. Open appstore and update all the Software Updates (and XCode if you use it) 13. Navigate to SLE, delete all kexts that start with AMD and ATI 14. Download the Drivers below, open Kext Wizard, install all the kexts (Fn keys not working yet figuring out why) 15. Go back to Kext Wizard, maintenance -> repair and rebuild SLE 16. Reboot from localdisk, no boot flags. Done. EDIT: Interestingly and annoyingly, Fn+pause break is Brightness+, and Fn+delete is Brightness- dsdt.aml.zip Drivers.zip
  2. [Guide] Mavericks on Dell XPS 15z L511z

    I have not been able to use Ulysse's CypressPS2 kext. I tried and it made both my trackpad and keyboard not work. Did you use Yosemite Zone to as your install? Or did you use another method?
  3. [Guide] Mavericks on Dell XPS 15z L511z

    I was able to use the same method as above, with Yosemite Zone from niresh. Although, the touchpad kext doesn't work. Volume works but need to disable "Show Desktop" In System Pref -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Mission Control Also, the DVD trick no longer works to boot; you need the USB to boot into the Yosemite installed on the harddrive.
  4. Cypress PS2 Trackpad kext

    Hi Ulysse, I am the author of the Mavericks guide for Dell L511z on here. I recently tried the VoodooPS2Controller.kext v0.7 on Yosemite, and it is not working It did not make my touchpad work, and also disabled my keyboard. Is v0.7 supposed to work on Yosemite? If not, are there plans to release v0.8? Thanks.
  5. [Guide] Mavericks on Dell XPS 15z L511z

    I updated the first post with instructions on enabling brightness control and battery status. Thanks to ctheanh for guidance.
  6. [Guide] Mavericks on Dell XPS 15z L511z

    Care to share your DSDT.aml?
  7. I got Niresh's Mavericks to boot on my L511z. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/295536-wip-maverick-on-dell-xps-15z-l511z/ I did not have to do anything that involves DSDT. The downfall I have right now is: 1) My harddrive has 4k sectors instead of 512, so I needed to do the boot1h patch 2) Even after that, it doesn't boot properly if disk0 is the only available boot device, so I have to have a windows install disk in there at all times Other than that, it is perfectly functional with sound, wifi (swapped in my DW1510) I understand that there's solutions for the trackpad and whatnot. I have not tried them yet, but I may get around to it. However I am using a USB mouse day to day so it is not a priority for me.
  8. 0. optional step to install wireless card L511z default card isn't supported by OSX so if you want, order a DW1510 from ebay and install it into your L511z 1. Prepare the USB for booting (on PC) download Niresh Mavericks download transmac (free trial) using a blank 8GB USB, restore image of Niresh onto the USB with transmac 2. Priming harddrive for install using a windows 7 boot disk, boot into windows installer shift+F10 to bring up cmd using diskpart, clean the disk (NOTE: it will wipe everything on the disk!) 3. BIOS settings reboot and F2 into bios on settings page, enable everything on settings page, set harddisk to AHCI on boot order page, change the order to: - USB - CD/DVD - harddisk - the rest doesnt matter 4. booting into OSX install put the boot USB into L511z, the USB slot further away from you (but not the ESATA slot) power on and let it load into bootloader select Niresh Mavericks option boot with "-v -x" flags 5. OSX install settings go to disk utility Erase your harddrive into OS Extended Journaled format with a name of OSX continue through the install screens and select your harddisk. dont click install yet click Customize, then: - [uncheck all] Boot-Loader Flags > Chameleon Configuration > SMBIOS > MacPro - [check] Boot-Loader Flags > Chameleon Configuration > SMBIOS > MacBookPro > MacBook Pro 8,1 continue by actually clicking Install 6. fixing 4k sector error (only if you can't boot with localdisk; it means your harddrive uses 4k sectors that chameleon cant handle) boot using the USB again, but choose to boot into the localdisk OSX without any flags once it's booted, plug a USB mouse into the slot nearest you setup your mac, set both Full name and Username as Admin enable the wifi etc. download the boot1h.zip below reboot with USB into USB installer with "-v -x" flags open Terminal then unplug the mouse and plug in a spare USB exit Terminal open Disk Utility Erase the new USB into OS Extended Journaled, and name it NONAME Unmount the OSX partition from the harddrive exit Disk Utility open Terminal again and type: - cp /Volumes/OSX/Users/Admin/Downloads/boot1h /Volumes/NONAME - dd if=/Volumes/NONAME/boot1h of=/dev/disk0s2 exit Terminal shut down unplug all USBs boot again, now you should be able to boot into the bootloader without using the USB 7. solving boot problems, part 2 if you still have problems (like i do) with "Operating System is missing" it's because somehow, the laptop can't detect OSX when it's the first thing it tries booting that's why when you have a USB in there, it boots meaning, it can also boot when you have a CD/DVD in there, and choose to not boot from it my solution is to permanently have a windows install disk in the CD drive, and make sure the boot priority of it is higher than localdisk OSX then, every time you boot up, windows disk loads first. but you can not press any key and the windows boot wont start then, Niresh's bootloader loads successfully for you to boot into OSX without any flags 8. disable sleep System Preferences > Energy Saver > slide "Computer sleep" all the way to the right System Preferences > Energy Saver > uncheck "Put hard disks to sleep when possible" and "Wake for network access" 9. audio problems if you experience buzzing noises at max volume: System Preferences > VoodooHDA > slide "Input Gain" slider all the way to the left 10. trackpad problems First, download "Drivers.zip" included in this post (below) Decopress Drivers.zip. You'll be using the files inside Touchpad folder to install cypress PS2, first go to System/Library/Extensions (SLE) to delete "ApplePS2Controller.kext" and "AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext" then using Kext wizard, Install VoodooPS2Controller.kext. then Repair Premissions and RebuildCache reboot into OSX if it panics, reboot into OSX with -v -x and run Kext wizard to repair and rebuild again, then boot again with -v only once it's booted, install VoodooPS2cypressPane.prefPane go into the pref pane, and disable 5finger screen lock and 5finger sleep 11. brightness and battery problems (update) Thanks to ctheanh's DSDT and tips on kexts, it is now possible to adjust brightness and show battery status! First, download dsdt.aml.zip at the bottom of this post. Decompress the zip to get dsdt.aml Place dsdt.aml inside the following directory: /Extra/ In Drivers.zip, you'll be using the contents of Battery and Keyboard Fn Keys folders. Open Kext Wizard, go to Installation tab Drag both IOWMIFamily.kext and AppleACPIBatteryManager.kext into Kext Wizard Click Install After it's done, click to Maintenance tab Check "System/Library/Extensions" Check "Repair Permissions" Check "Rebuild Cache" Clic Execute After it's completed, you can reboot if it panics, reboot into OSX with -v -x and run Kext wizard to repair and rebuild again, then boot again with -v only You should now see the battery status at the top right, and Fn+F4 Fn+F5 now controls brightness. Thanks again to ctheanh! 97. Things not working that i would like to solve: nvidia 525gt gpu (wishful thinking) 98. Personal note on things I downloaded to try/use: Cypress PS2 Trackpad kext FireFox Garage Band F.Lux BetterSnapTool USB Overdrive X (for mouse driver) 99. History: update [05/15/2014] : added f.lux and bettersnaptool, removed hyperdock as downloaded apps update [03/03/2014] : added instructions for installing DSDT.aml update [03/03/2014] : added instructions for installing brightness control and battery monitor update [01/29/2014] : to install cypress PS2, first go to System/Library/Extensions (SLE) to delete "ApplePS2Controller.kext" and "AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext" update [01/29/2014] : then using Kext wizard, Install VoodooPS2Controller.kext. then Repair Premissions and RebuildCache update [01/24/2014] : I updated to 10.9.1 with the automated appstore update. Now it won't boot without flags. I need to -v -x update [01/24/2014] : I installed all of the isaac1234 kexts. trackpad works. battery indicator still doesnt audio actually stopped working. I think I'm just going to reformat and just install the trackpad kext. update [01/24/2014] : Trying the cypress PS2 trackpad kext before I reformat update [01/24/2014] : Apparently, if you can't boot normally, just install more kexts and repair permissions and rebuild cache in safe mode fixes the problem update [01/24/2014] : cypress PS2 installed properly, but keyboard and trackpad dont work in normal mode for some reason boot1h.zip Drivers.zip dsdt.aml.zip
  9. Anyone know of a guide I can follow to install iAtkos ML2 or vanilla Maverick on the L511z? I downloaded iAtkos ML2 on my windows computer, and I used Transmac to create an imagine out of it on a 8GB USB. I plug it into the eSATA port, but it says "Operating System not found"
  10. Disclaimer: This is a WIP post, nothing is guaranteed to work! Hi all, I'm a longtime M11x R1 owner and the writer of guides on M11x R1 installing SL and Lion. I do not claim that I came up with any of these solutions all by myself; only that I gather information from myself and others, and write concise instructions on making it work for people to understand. And here's another one. warning: these instructions assume a fresh harddrive (optionally, with desired partitions made) warning: these instructions assume an external DVD drive and a USB mouse warning: these instructions assume a DW1510 wifi card has already been installed to replace the stock DW1520 1) Acquire Niresh's OS X 10.8.2 and burn it onto a DVD If you're using OSX, you can burn it with Disk Utility If you're using WIN, you can burn it using TransMac (Trial) 2) Plug in your USB mouse to the left-side usb port. Plug in your external DVD drive to the right-side usb port that's further away from you. Insert Niresh OSX dvd into the external dvd drive. 3) boot up, press F2. in BIOS, make sure: - IEEE 1394 is enabled - USB emulation is enabled - Discrete graphics is enabled - Overclock is disabled Then exit with changes saved 4) boot up, press F12. Select "CD/DVD/BD" as the boot option "Niresh's 10.8.2 Installer" is highlighted type in -v -x on the "boot: " line and press [enter] let it load (about 5-10 minutes) into installer 5) Click "Utilities" on top bar Click "Disk Utility..." On the left-hand panel, select the partition you want to use for OSX On the right-hand panel, click "Erase" Format: "Mac OS Extended (Journaled) Name: [whatever you want] Click Erase... Exit Disk Utility 6) Continue, Accept, and wait for the screen to choose disk. Click "Customize" on the bottom left corner. 7) Other than the Default settings, also Check (Enable) the following: Graphics > Graphics Enabler Audio > Common > VooDoo HDA 2.8.2 Audio > Auto Detect & Install Audio Driver Network > Ethernet > Atheros L1C Network > Auto Install Ethernet Driver Additional Kexts > CMOS Reset Fix Additional Kexts > Trim Enabler for SSD USB Support > USBBugFix 8) Click install and wait for it to complete 9) After installing, it will boot into Mac's intro screen. If it skips the account creation step, use the following Default credentials to login and change the login later: username: root password: niresh 10) If Keyboard Setup Assistant shows up, just click Continue and close it. 11) Let nScript run and cleanup kexts and whatnot. After it's done, eject nScript from desktop. 12) Go to System Preferences > Users & Groups Click on the [+] at the bottom left corner to make a new account with your username and password. 13) Click the Apple logo > Log out... to switch to your account. The default account gets deleted automatically. Note: Any time you boot up and it crashes saying "You have to restart" or something. Go to BIOS and set graphics to Discrete. Things known to not work: - Right side USB ports (both) - Sound, after plugging and unplugging an HDMI out
  11. I'd like to thank THEHAWKs for uploading those Kexts, because I lost them to the megaupload shut down... You can follow my threads at hackint0sh to see me update my progress on getting 10.7.4 to work on M11x R1: http://www.hackint0sh.org/general-lion-10-7-x-312/tutorial-installing-lion-10-7-2-alienware-m11x-r1-357463.htm Or check out my old thread on getting 10.6.8 to work on M11x R1, which I will be referencing for my 10.7.4 work: http://www.hackint0sh.org/tutorials-217/installing-snow-leopard-10-6-5-alienware-m11x-r1-188641.htm
  12. Where do you actually install the drivers for the GPU? I'm trying to incorporate your methods into my iAtkos installation and can't figure out where your GPU drivers are coming from. EDIT: nevermind, got it, thank you!
  13. Your NetbookBootMaker_0.8.4RC1fix.zip and NetbookInstaller 20100616212351.app.zip links are flipped around.
  14. Building a Desktop for Snow Leopard

    This PC is only built with one application in mind: xCode That is why I chose to get a quadcore. Compilation speed is CPU dependent. The GPU is next to useless to me, because I won't be doing anything graphic intensive. Thanks for the suggestion for the RAM!
  15. Hi all, my goal is to try to stick with installing Mac OSX from the stock install disc and not from a distro. This desktop will strictly be used for xCode iPhone app Development (that's why I saved on everything else but insist on a quad-core CPU). I need some help confirming my build: GIGABYTE EP45-UD3L Motherboard (Any Intel Core 2 Quad Q-series processor) (1. any suggestion on which one installs the most seamlessly?) XFX Geforce 9500GT Video Card (2. any other cheap suitable card?) Random 4GB DDR2 800 RAM (3. do I need more? will more RAM improve xCode compile time?) Random CD/DVD Drive Random Harddrive Enermax EG495P-VE Noisetaker 485W Power Supply Pcie to Mini pcie to connect a DW1390 for WIFI (4. is this feasible?) Thank you all for reading!