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  1. ravez, excellent. Hey, any chance you can send me a link to your IONetwork.kext and the relevant AppleBCM*.kext? The only thing not working for me is the wired ethernet. Much appreciated. -eric
  2. ravez, Hi. How did you get the wired ethernet (14e4 1680) to work? I can't seem to get the correct kext to recognize the nic. Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I'm at a lost here. I tried to install retail leopard 10.5 DVD using custom BOOT132. After the customary DVD swap, the system was able to boot the retail DVD but stops at the dreaded: MAC Initialized.. IO Buffers ..... Do I need to add additional KEXT i.e. ICH10R etc. on the custom boot132 as well as modify my retail (using a disk image copy)? I've tried to install with options including disabling bios settings i.e. FIREWIRE, AHCI as well as by supplying the -v cpus=1 argument on the boot prompt to no avail. Here's my specs below: Asus (P45 chipset) P5Q-EM, ATI 3870HD, 4GB, (1)SATA DVD, (1) SATA HD. BIOS: Using modded bios (1406 DSDT ) from xxx.osxcores.site50.net System was previously configured with ideneb 10.5.5 and iPC x86 10.5.6 Thanks in advance, rick medinaea at gmail dot com
  4. iphone as ipod

    Hi. Does anyone know if it's possible to unlock new iphone and use it as ipod/itouch? Thanks in advance.
  5. EFI and MBR

    Hi. Can efi (and which version) be used with a mbr partitioned drive for use with Leo? Thanks in advance.
  6. Cloning an osx86 disk

    Rammjet, Thanks. I'll try that. Best Regards.
  7. Does anyone have a recommended external enclosure i.e. raid 0 for use w/ hackintosh and FCP 5.1? TIA,
  8. Cloning an osx86 disk

    does anyone have any suggestion for a good cloning utility to clone a osx86 disk/partition. TIA,
  9. Anyone out there running with this configuration? Any qualms (if any) TIA,