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  1. BUMP. Could definitely use help with this.
  2. So I have gotten OSX working on my netbook, and I am trying to get wireless to work, and for some reason I can't sign into encrypted networks. Unencrypted works fine. The only type of networks I've tried this on are WPA2 Personal. Any suggestions?
  3. Ok so I installed iPortables on my netbook (Asus EEE PC 1015 PE), and it works, at least nominally. I haven't installed internet kexts, nor tried any sort of hardware acceleration, but for a netbook, I don't think it's critical. I have it on a flash drive, however I'd prefer to install a version to my hard drive. Is there a method to do that? Thanks.
  4. Is there anyway to install a disk image of OSX on a usb driev or some other way to install OSX on a netbook, when you don't have access (or at least easy access) to a Mac?
  5. ASUS 1015PED

    Any word on this? I have a 1015 PE, and I'd like to know how it works - would love to have 7 as well as OSX on this machine.
  6. Best Netbook for OSX

    Hello, I'm looking for a netbook in the $200-300 range that is compatible with OSX. I nearly bought a Toshiba NB505 tonight but could not find whether or not it was compatible. If someone could direct me, looking for about a 1.66 gig processor, and a 250 gb hd, with 1-2 gb of memory. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  7. Upgrading Card - What to Get!

    So I decided to upgrade my card. It's been giving me HUGE problems (I think a new card will solve it, and hell, if not, I get a better video card). I'm wondering what card should I get? Newegg has GREAT deals (I saw a GeForce GT240 for $55 after rebate). What card is most compatible?
  8. Transluence question (Should be easy!)

    Deleting NVDAResman helped me, but also caused me to only have 800x600 mode and seemingly no graphics acceleration. Installing 10.5.2 drivers didn't help at all.
  9. Yes, I've used EFIstudio - I said I used strings. I've used EFI studio as well as OSX86 Tools for graphics strings at different times.
  10. Transluence question (Should be easy!)

    Well, deleted those two. No change. I plugged my mouse in another usb port, OSX now recognizes it again (it wasn't when we started playing with it), and there's a slowdown. In better news, OSX recognizes all of my USB stuff now. I don't think it's an IRQ conflict issue. I think the jerky mouse is the symptom of a graphical issue. ALL of the graphics are slow. The dock takes a while to come up, whenever an authentication box comes up, it is slow. Everything is laggy. That's not true when graphics drivers are not installed.
  11. Transluence question (Should be easy!)

    Well I've reinstalled (always after a clean format) at least two dozen times, and I back up every program I've gotten to try to fix this on my Windows partition, so it doesn't bother me to reinstall - I haven't gotten OSX to work, really, because of this issue. I'll do what you say.
  12. Transluence question (Should be easy!)

    I went back to my old smbios and the flashing stopped. The DSDT is installed. The mouse isn't working (I THINK that's unrelated to the DSDT). Screen seems slow still, but I can't be 100% certain of that. Everything is graphically laggy. The mouse would sometimes go normal speed with your smbios, and sometimes it would freak out, go the opposite direction of the one I pushed it towards, and just straight flip out and fly across the screen.
  13. Transluence question (Should be easy!)

    Mouse not working, I may do a complete reinstall and try the DSDT.aml with the new com.apple.Boot.plist. Not sure exactly what procedure caused the mouse to stop. I want to note that I replaced my old SMBIOS, and the flashing is gone. I THINK we might have something there, but I'm not sure. The mouse alternated between going completely crazy, and rational, normal speeds. Graphics were still slow, and got screwed up with the new SMBIOS. This is quite the mystery, isn't it?
  14. Transluence question (Should be easy!)

    That's fine, I need to sleep too anyway. And trust me, when I upgrade my computer (probably in about 6 months) I intend on buying Intel hardware. I do thank you for all the help so far!