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  1. Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)

    There should be, at least macbooks do have MLB printed on a sticker on motherboard (it is even labeled "MLB No.") Try opening it
  2. TRIM Enabler

    Works in 10.10.2 on mid-2010 macbook pro, boot-args=kext-dev-mode=1 was present in nvram, but had to go to recovery mode (cmd+r at boot) and rebuild cache (touch S/L/E and kextcache -u /Volumes/YourBootVolume in terminal) Did not notice any speed improvement over ssd's native GC, still getting about 250mb/s read/write speeds, but this may make drive live longer...
  3. Final nail in the coffin for PPC

    that is where it frees 6Gb of space upon install and gains install speed - ppc binaries just cut out i think that's a fair move, PPCs are close to obsolete when i7's are out plus there's too little power to handle modern OS and soft - it just has to happen at some time
  4. Kitty is finally out :)

    we have to wait for the first official distro to arrive and hack around it but no doubt - it is quite close already )
  5. Congratulations for all of us http://www.apple.com/macosx/
  6. leopard graphics update, safe?

    For me graphics update did no harm Kalyway 10.5.1 + Kalyway 10.5.2 update + Kalyway Vanilla kernel update, the only problem i have - machine does not power off on shutdown
  7. After updating to 10.4.11 on my P5B Deluxe I failed to make working sata in AHCI and JMicron controller at the same time (do not want to go for ide emulation), so if you need jmicron - be aware of it
  8. custom made mac mini

    go for a normal mac mini - you'll get much less problems and lot more power
  9. OS X86 10.5?

    10.5 is Leopard, it is going to be released by Apple in october MacOS is not original unix with a skin, it is based on freebsd, but uses many own components, including custom kernel, different from ones present in bsd and linux
  10. Anyone ever been caught

    except for news server's logs also most good servers are not free
  11. Mac OSx86 will it run on my computer?

    it will, but you'd spend some effort to make work all the devices
  12. NTFS External USB automounting

    you need old mount_ntfs, it seems that you have not saved it, so ask it from someone (i'm not near my hackintosh, if noone will post it before me and problem is still actual - i'll upload)
  13. Rosetta mising from Uphuck v1.4i

    i've heard somewhere that sse3 is needed to use rosetta, but did not checked it i've successfully run PPC apps in Jas 10.4.8, there i only need to set "run using rosetta" in finder for a ppc app
  14. Device ID? for wireless network card.

    simple way - install windows and take devid from device manager/your device->properties->details->device instance id it will look like PCI\VEN_xxxx&DEV_yyyy&SUBSYS_.... there xxxx is vendor id and yyyy is device id

    if installer does not see the HD then it must be problem with lack of driver for you hdd controller. solution - get an external usb hdd and install mac os on it, then make it see the HD, partition with disk utility and transfer image, folks advise SuperDuper for that action