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  1. I believe I have a method to read and send imessages on an Android devices using the iMessage client on a Mac. Coding includes Applescripting, php, shell, Cocoa, and Android Development. If interested please reply
  2. nerdkiller14

    Best Notebook Hackintosh with Haswell

    I don't mind DSDT patches as long as there is a guide.
  3. nerdkiller14

    Best Notebook Hackintosh with Haswell

    What would you all recommend for a notebook hackintosh ? I currently run a desktop hackintosh so I'm not a complete newb. I would like a DSDT free Install if possible. But it is mandatory that everything on the laptop works flawlessly. I would like to have a Dedicated GPU also.
  4. nerdkiller14

    Nvidia 670 - White Screen after boot

    Thanks man. I didn't have to do that on Mountain Lion but I guess it apparently needs it on this OS.
  5. I currently get a white screen after booting with kernel flags -v and -f also if I add -x . If I install drivers from another mac onto the Hard drive my graphics sorta work but are missing the actual driver and I receive messages that the kexts I added can not be used. I believe this is a driver problem in Mavericks can anyone help?
  6. Selling Retina Macbook Pro 15 Comes with Final Cut Pro, Office, Photoshop Elements, and a Case. I will include original box. The computer is in New condition and has been in the case since day one. Has warranty till August which you can extend with Apple Care. I will sell on ebay or how ever else you would like just respond to this and/ or PM me.