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  1. Has anyone else seen these things? I made a vm in parallels for xp it was like 32gb of something crazy, i put tinyxp on it, i compacted it any installed the tools, and i was installing a program and i noticed that my computer said that I had 32gb but only 4gb free, so i checked out the c drive, and there were like, say 10 2gb files called PriCompactX.pri where x was a number from 0 to like 11, and I think the extension was .pri, cant remember now, but anyways, it was bizarre, anyone else notice this and know exactly what those files are? can I just delete them or something?
  2. OSx86

    I'm a switcher of sorts. I have a hackintosh running osx, I really like osx over windows, but I dont think I would ever buy a mac. I understand why apple does what they do with restricting hardware on there products, it makes it easier for them to make a stable and reliable product, doesnt mean I have to like it though. If for some reason I couldnt run osx on my pc laptop anymore, I would go back to windows simply because apple charges to much for relatively cheap hardware.
  3. Why would a cellphone get an educational discount?
  4. I was wondering if anyone has used a tablet with 10.4.8 and have it working? I have been reading around the forum and only found 1 instance where someone said they had it working in 10.4.6 then upgraded to 10.4.8 and it stopped working. I also found some other instances of tablets working, but they were from March 2006 at the latest, I want to buy a small tablet so I can supplement my class notes with graphs or other drawn images, which is hard to do with a mouse. I'll probably end up buy a wacom, or at least some other mac capable tablet, but i'd like to know if anyone has it working before I make the plunge.
  5. random freeze/lockup

    yeah, that was it, thanks again realfolkblues
  6. random freeze/lockup

    lol, thanks, i had set sleep to never for the battery option, but I forgot to do it for power adapter option, hopefully this fixes it.
  7. random freeze/lockup

    I installed JaS 10.4.8 Intel/AMD SSE2/SSE3 on my laptop a few days ago, I have everything working but from time to time OSX will randomly freeze/lockup and I have to power down, which sucks (especially in the last few minutes of an ebay auction). I'm not quite sure what would be causing it, I think it might be something to do with maybe screensaver (although I have it set to never come on) or maybe some sort of automatic sleep function, because it only seems to happen when I leave the laptop alone, I also thought it could be a heating issue, but it doesnt get hot until after it locks up (I left it on one night and when I woke up the morning it was SUPER hot) i.e. it locked up only a few minutes ago, I had gone into eBay with firefox (only firefox and fire im were open) and I was sitting on the my eBay page with all my watch items, and had set firefox to automatically refresh every 10min, and set about watching tv. I looked at the laptop screen and it had said 6:03am, then went back to watching tv, when I looked back at it about 10-11min later, it still said 6:03am which made me get up and check it, and it had locked up so I had to power down and power up again. Its a very annoying problem. Does anyone have any ideas why this would be happening? my laptop specs are as follows HP NW8000 Mobile Workstation Intel Pentium M 735 1.73GHz 512MB DDR 333MHz PC2700 (just bought another 1gb, waiting for it to arrive) 40GB HDD DVD/CDRW ATI FireGL T2 128MB (QE and CI supported) HP WLAN500 ABG (Atheros) HP Bluetooth USB2, Firewire One thing I noticed while going through System Profiler is it says that the memory speed is 100MHz, is that right? doesnt seem right to me. If you would need any other information to help diagnose this problem, I can try and provide it. Edit: I also want to note that when the screensaver was active, the laptop would still lockup, i never had this problem with 10.4.6
  8. I only have 512 right now, but I bought another 1gb, so do you think that 512 would be enough for parallels and the other 1gb for the notebook?
  9. I have the ATI FireGL T2 in my laptop, it was detected and works fine without me having to fiddle with anything short of enabling Quartz and disabling BeamSync but I didnt have to mess with any kext's
  10. Last night I installed the JAS 10.4.8 AMD/Intel SSE2/SSE3 on my HP NW800 laptop, 1.73GHz, 512MB Ram, 40gb hdd, ATI FireGL T2 128MB. Now, all I did was install it, and then change the resolution to 1600x1200, I left the laptop running and when I woke up this morning the os was frozen and the laptop was hotter than hell, i'm suprised it hadnt shutdown from overheating, or melted, anyone have any problems like this before? maybe its due to the power management bundle since I dont have the right one working yet? its worrying me but I think it is just the pm bundle. anyone have any other ideas?
  11. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has run any intensive applications in parallels, things like AutoCAD or Multisim and what kind of performance you were getting, i know it all really depends on the computer being used, but I was wondering if parallels can handle these intensive applications because its all just virtual hardware. I had OSX on my laptop, but I use quite a few windows only applications and I found that I wasnt using osx as much as I would like to (i love osx), so i got rid of it, but now i'm thinking of putting it back on and running the windows apps in parallels if I can. I guess the only way to really tell is to try it out, but not being able to resize the osx partition after installation sucks, so if I want to get rid of windows completely, i'd have to do that first, which I would rather not do. So if anyone has any incite into intensive application performance on parallels, your input would be appreciated.
  12. Key Mapping

    Alright, after much scouring the net, I have found the holy grail for key mapping, or key binding as its called in osx. http://www.lsmason.com/articles/macosxkeybindings.html Go to the link and follow the instructions, further down the page there is an example for mapping some of the keys normally used in windows, i'm gonna start working on some more, the ones that are there work awesome, lemme know if you come up with any new bindings. I just noticed that some applications can take precedence over the binding you make, i.e. I noticed in firefox some of the bindings dont work.
  13. works awesome, thanks keithpk your awesome, now I can actually use osx all the time without worrying that the computer is gonna just shutdown
  14. Atheros 5211 on 10.4.6

    Hey all, i would just like to mention that inorder to get my HP WLAN W500 A/B/G aka Atheros 5211 minipci Wifi card to work on 10.4.6, I had to use the IO80211Family.kext from 10.4.5, no modifications needed, just change the permissions, and then edit the NetworkingInterface.plist in /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration so the wifi card was en1
  15. Network Help

    This pretty much was my only option, the older versions of the linksys firmware had problems with bit torrent connections, they would constantly disconnect from the internet, so i decided to risk bricking, and I like dd-wrt, has some nice options that i didnt notice were in the linksys firmware.