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  1. I tried it last night on 10.4.8. I heard the start up music but all i saw was the desktop and the upper right portion of the taskbar. Probably because I don't have an intel processor.
  2. The progress everyone has made on the AppleTV over the course of a week is outstanding! Good show internet edit: I'm going to test this in a little bit also
  3. Do you like vista?

    I got a free copy of Vista from the Power Together promotion so I really don't feel obligated to use it It's an alright operating system, the only reason I would ever reinstall it is for its media center with my 360. But with the release of the appleTV and all the hacks floating around, I might just have to get one of those.
  4. Something Awful member Sabretooth has managed to hack the front end and add in his own menu option. More of his posts: and in his most recent post he has released a video Thread link: http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthrea...hreadid=2391956 Sabretooth's posts start on page 11. I figure once we get full USB support, the mods will be endless.
  5. Fios from Verizon...

    Hopefully it will be hitting the midwest soon, all I have is overpriced Comcast.