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  1. Hi! 10.7.3 passed with no problem! You can go ahead! Jacques
  2. Hi, Beware: 10.7.2 breaks Lion, you will have to re-install the new platform.plist file again ! Here.
  3. Hi there, Just to report that 10.7.1 update went fine! Cheers!
  4. At last! Someone competent enough to provide a real patch. Superb job Thingi! This should quickly spread on the Web... Many thanks!
  5. Hi, Animations and graphics work fine for me, except for iPhone-like animations in LaunchPad being choppy. Effects in Safari for instance are very fluid, as are dock animations. Mission Control is very snappy too. Videos play fine. So drivers appear to be fine. I solved an annoying problem of a Finder window popping up after every startup by erasing the problematic folder (the Lion install partition in fact) altogether! I did not use a USB stick but a firewire HD. Let's now see what happens after 10.7.2!
  6. Hi, Who looks stupid now? Of course it works. Thank you Thingi... I was trying to launch the modified app directly into SL. Very nice! And the OS remains as snappy as SL (not very then!), using the antic GMA950.
  7. Hi, Which version of Lion did you use, S3pHiroTh? The Golden Master or the official release?