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  1. Are you sure that your windows partition is marked as "active"? Often switching hdds can cause windows to lose the active mark and it needs it to boot. Use diskpart from your win install DVD to mark the part. good luck -dan
  2. Increase Partition Size?

    Just a side note to this: you will have to re-activate your NTFS Partition via Diskpart in CMD from a windows installation or recovery CD/DVD after you use Gparted. If you don't Windows wont show up in your boot menu after the move/grow...yes speaking from experience.
  3. Hi all, Although I have been reading this forum for a while this is my fist problem that I have not fount an existing thread for, and therefore my first post. I hope this is the right area for this thread. I use a Mac book pro that I have set up to boot windows 7 home premium 64 bit via boot camp. My Mb pro has the following specifications: I have been using this setup for about a year with no major problems, later I installed Parallels Desktop Build 6.0.11822, and have been using this without trouble as well. My local HD is formated half NTFS and half HFS+ I use Macfuse and NTFS-3G to access my NTFS partition from OSX and I use Meadiafour Macdrive 8 to access my HSF+ partition from Win 7. all this worked quite nicely until about 4 months after installing Parallels. The problem that I have been having lately is that every few Windows logins from either boot camp or Parallels I get this message: If I run my windows repair disk, start CMD and run: chkdsk c: /f it runs for a few hours and makes a lot of corrections to the NTFS file system. Then once I reboot after CHKDSK completes windows runs flawlessly with everything intact like nothing had ever happend, it will continue to work until suddenly without warning it will fail to boot with the above message. The first few times I thought it was a fluke but it has done it over a dozzen times now and I have know idea what the problem might be. Today I successfully logged in and out of windows via Parallels twice without restarting or changing anything on my MAC and then the 3rd time it failed with the above message. Any help would be great, let me know if you need more details on anything om really not sure where to start with troubleshooting this problem. Thanks, Dan