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  1. Thinkpad x60

    Yep, Vanilla thanks man, will do and see what happens
  2. Thinkpad x60

    Thanks bro, will have a look into it. However, I have another problem. Each time I'm trying to download something off the net in Safari, before the file actually finishes, the system crashes and asks me to restart... any fix for this ? thanks a bunch
  3. Introduce yourself.

    Hey guys, the name's Patrick. Was previously registered for a while on here but kept losing my username / password. I successfully booted Jas ISO on my first build, think it was a Foxconn mobo, same applies to the Kalyway DVD. I've been struggling to get either Kalyway / iPC / Leo4all to work on my current build but to no avail. So i just rid win7 off my thinkpad and installed iPc, working like a charm so far !!! can't complain
  4. Thinkpad x60

    by some mere coincidence, i formatted my laptop (again) re-installed and selected Azalia audio. The sound works. Think I will save this for future reference. But I'm concerned for my Media Card Reader. any ideas guys ? drivers ? *searches the forum* cheers
  5. Thinkpad x60

    Hey guys, I have successfully installed iPC Leopard ISO on my thinkpad, with all the necessary drivers. However my sound does not work. I am unsure what to select in the customize screen. The driver for thinkpad is SoundMax but it's nowhere to be found in the list (or it's there under a different name). The full audio driver list is ADxxxx ALCxxx Sigmatel Other Audio (ac97, Azalia,Conexant HiDef, Sis 7012,Envy24HT,Envy24,kXAudio Driver) Legacy AppleHDA I'm sure it's filed under "other". Can someone shed some light here. many thanks
  6. Kext

    Hey all, new to the scene here, but not new to Hackintosh or so I say. I have successfully installed the 10.5.2 leopard distro on my Dell Optiplex 210L. Anyway everything is ok I just have a problem with the USB. I have the kext but my question is where do I put the kext ? THe only folder I know of is "Extensions" but am unsure.. got to make the thing work... any help is appreciated, thx all !!! --------------------------------------- EDIT SOLVE !!!