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  1. Thank you for the excellent guide I've got an override made that does get picked up for my internal display -- at least I'm pretty sure it gets used, because I can see the DisplayProductID specified in the Override when I look at the monitors under "Displays" in System Preferences. With that said, I am still getting the scrambled images, the many-colored vertical lines. I'm able to use an external monitor through the laptop's VGA port just fine (that's how I got the EDID/edited the Override!) but cannot use the internal display, regardless of it being my primary display or not. Anyone/CharredPC, do you have any alternatives to try if using an Override doesn't seem to do it? This one post from a user using the same display as a replacement on a MBP is disheartening, but I'm here to see if maybe I've missed something I'm running an hp dv9500t with an Intel x3100 graphics unit. The internal display's "model number" is LP171WE2-TL03, its product id is 0x1289 and its vendor id is 0x320c if that's any help. Thanks in advance for any help you all may have!