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    owners thread: Asus C90 / C90S

    I installed Leo4All v.3 in my c90s installed intel chipset 3d party drivers CI / QE Working and 512 VRAM installed nvida kext and nvject 0.1.3 512 Battery Display, not full tested but displayed (Sais 8h left) My brother has an MacBook and batery displays shows 4h. I guess it's without usage at all... Camera, sound jacs, fingerprint, cardreader not working
  2. phoenon

    DualBoot Vista Leopard Darwin Bootloader

    Yo puedo haceros un resumen del asunto, es muy sencillo. 1) Instalamos Windows Vista, creamos todas las particiones necesarias, la del Leopard incluida (esto es porque luego instalando cualquier OSX, el administrar particiones significa "limpiar" el disco) 2) Instalamos el Leopard (la distro que nos convenga, en mi caso Leo4All v.3) 3) Llegados este punto probablemente al iniciar nos diga HFS + Partition error, lo que debemos hacer es volver a arrancar con el DVD de Vista. Seleccionamos reparar el equipo y entramos en una ventana de comandos... (escribimos lo siguiente. "ojo a las particiones") Ahora arrancamos en Windows Vista y arrancaremos otra ventana de comandos, pero esta vez como administrador. Buscamos el programa en la lista de programas, aplicaciones y pinchamos con el botón derecho -> Ejecutar como administrador Con esto básicamente ya tendreis los dos sistemas operativos conviviendo en armonía y sin tocar las narices. salu2 pd: Hoy por hoy y a menos que alguien modifique el código fuente no se puede. Mac OS tomará siempre por defecto la partición activa, es una putada pero es lo que hay...
  3. phoenon

    Asus C90

    Hi all, I'm trying to instal leo4all 10.5.2 in my new Asus c90s I found this... Installed right but once I reestart it freezes waiting Root Device... Any SATA patch or some? need help please! thx
  4. Hi all, I'm abaut to buy an AMD dual-core 939 socket, but I'm not sure...will it work? I guess as one cpu, isn't it anybody has tested? thank you.
  5. phoenon

    GeForce 7600GT XFX

    Good news... After lots of testing finally work almost everything, just dual display still not working... After reinstalling, in custom install, there was a NV40 patch in the DVD from piratebay, and works all but dual display. But with QE / CI for now I'm happy, tomorrow I will go on the work... Thank you all edit Perfect, just after installing NV40 patch, install natit dual 0.02 and full featured thank you again
  6. phoenon

    GeForce 7600GT XFX

    Yes 10.4.8 new kernel from piratebay, but not jas one. Yesterday I coudn't try nothing, this evening I will... everything seems to be a problem with the motherboard, because I have a PCI card that worked with my old motherboard (A8V DELUXE)but no more working with this (A8N32 SLI DELUXE), I have been tried 10.4.4, 10.4.6 and 10.4.8 and sometimes it installs just fine, and sometimes during install it's shown a panic sreen... I'm going to try something and tonight post the ressults. Thank you
  7. phoenon

    GeForce 7600GT XFX

    Do I have to edit info.plist and then IOPCIMatch key? <string> 0x000010de& 0x0000ffff </string> my device id is 0x0391...wich one do I have to modify? thank you again dudes
  8. phoenon

    GeForce 7600GT XFX

    didn't work! :S I'm reinstalling now...but I thinking to download jas 10.4.8 thank you
  9. hi again, Is QE/CI possible to enable? I tried NATIT 1.0, NATIT_DUAL_0.2, NATIT_DUAL_0.1 but I can't get resolution change and QE/CI working please what can I do? thank you
  10. Hi guys, I just upgrade my computer, and now I can't understand why my wireless PCI is not working... I had an ASUS A8V DELUXE with the same card and same OSX, with wireless working OK, but now with my new ASUS A8N32 SLI Deluxe is working nomore...Same processor, same card, new graphic card and harddisk, same IDE config... Anybody knows why the wireless could be not working? PCI problem? someone with the same motherboard and wireless working? thank you all... (Tested 10.4.5, 10.4.6 and 10.4.8 new kernel...) before needed to use IO80211Family.kext from 10.4.5
  11. Hi all, I`m new user osx86 user, I've tested 10.4.x (5, 6 and now 8) but I'm abaut to explote with ATI 9250 Detected on boot as ATI 9200 256, and on system preferences as 128 Mb, Is there any posibility of acelerate it? wich graphic card is recommended for best compatibility? thank you. This is my setup: Athlon 64 3000+ 1,8 ghz (100% perfect - 10.4.5 detected as 3,6 ghz) 512 Mb RAM ASUS A8V DELUXE (100% working - 10.4.5 VIAATA off LAN off USB off SOUND left channel with mic) PCI WIRELESS EDIMAX EW-7128g unknow chipset sorry (work with 10.4.5 IO80211FAMILY.kext) NEC ND-1300 DVD+R (100% OK) ATI RADEON 9250 256mb (1280x1024x32 editting boot.apple.com.plist)