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  1. Update: So yeah, I thoguht my problem was that I installed the 10.6.5 update rather than 10.6.4, but restarting and installing the 10.6.4 update didn't help me. To clarify, this is with the Amer boot CD. No extensions are loading, and I can't even start up without the cpus=1 flag. One thing I've noticed that's different, is that my computer seems to be recognized as an iMac. Should I be doing the MacBook Pro update 1.3 similar to what was done in the Mammoth boot CD? I'm pretty confused as to what's going on, and now after all that it seems to be getting stuck at the NTFS 3,1 point in the loading screen. Any advice would be hugely appreciated! Thanks again to everyone who made these guides possible, too...
  2. Yeah, that's an idea I had, would that effect the kexts loading too? I'm trying to roll back to 10.6.4 right now... I didn't realizing I was updating to 10.6.5, I was just coincidentally reinstalling today, and didn't realize they had rolled out the update today. thanks for the quick reply!
  3. I just completely reinstalled OSX using Yehia Amer's instructions, and none of the kexts seem to be working whatsoever. I also can't seem to start up without using the "cpus=1" flag... Could this be because I accidentally installed 10.6.5? If anyone has any clues for me I'd really appreciate it, this is really strange - I followed the instructions to the letter, twice and have had the same problem both times... Let me know what you think!
  4. Interesting observation re: screen brightness. OS x seems to "remember" what the brightness was in my windows boot. That is, if I turn brightness down over in windows, and reboot into OS X, my screen is now dimmer in OS X. Any thoughts? Also, I seem to crash once every time I try to use OS X, then I can reboot and run well indefinitely. Even more when running off of battery, but I do notice an error during startup with the AppleCPUPowerManagement kext, could these be related? Thanks! Dylan
  5. Thanks for the quick reply, and help. I'm slowly learning, and should've thought to try that command as I've seen it before. I tried searching but it didn't work, probably because it was so specific. Thanks again, and sorry for the redundant question!
  6. Please Help! For some reason, all of a sudden my OS X partition won't start up. It only loads one file in the Chameleon partition. It says "Loaded HFS+ file (system/.... etc.) 479 bytes then a file code. Cham then hangs, and won't load the rest of the files it normally does. Is there any way to get around this, and is this a common thing? I have no idea what happened.
  7. RE: Sound Does anyone notice a pretty bad buzz from the subwoofer in OS X? I can't put it above a certain volume. I'm thinking it's probably something to do with the crossover system in the computer that sends all the low freq stuff to the sub, and all the high freq to the speaks (I'm an audio tech, and this is how it works in PA systems, so I assume there's something similar.) Anyway, high frequencies to the sub cause a buzz like that cause it can't handle anything over like 140hz or whatever. Could there be something in the kext file that would fix this? I am a complete retard when it comes to that kind of thing, so I have no idea where to star.
  8. With regards to the antenna repair, would it be possible to see the link for those cable extensions? Also what is the name of the connector etc, I would look into making a few custom cables for anyone interested! Thanks! Also, a quick question - is there a way to get 2-finger scrolling to work on the HP, or any scrolling for that matter?
  9. Update! Posting this from my new Hackbook Pro! Thanks a lot mammoth and everyone for the help! This is a huge save for me, and even if there are a few bugs for almost $3000 in savings with comparable specs, I can deal with it. Plus windows 7 isn't so bad either. Thanks again! edit: DOUBLE UPDATE! So, I did the post installation stuff, like updating to the 64 bit kernel, and fixing Cham, as well as trying to get the audio working. Track pad, and prefs pane now work, but still no audio. any thoughts? i can see the applehda.kext in the cham extensions folder, but still no audio detection at all. could i have a different speaker set than the dv8 (i'm using a dv7)? hmmmm also, is scrolling possible with this trackpad prefs pane? i can't seem to see it.
  10. Hey guys, So I've successfully completed part one of the snow leopard install, and got the "Install Successful" message. Now, the problem is that when I go to reboot, with Chameleon, I get an error message that reads "EBIOS read error: Device Timeout Block 0x0 Sectors 0" And it keeps repeating that message... Chameleon then fails to load. I don't really hear the disk trying to access, so could there be a problem there that I missed? Someone help, please Thank you, Dylan