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  1. AMD Athlon II X2

    Could you define tricky please?
  2. AMD Athlon II X2

    Last bump before bed =)
  3. AMD Athlon II X2

    Thanks for all the replies guys!! Really means a lot! So what do you think my success rate would be?
  4. AMD Athlon II X2

    Sup guys! Today, I'm just posting some screen shots of my hardware to get some opinions of how Snow leo would run on my pc, and if it would even run... I remember trying this a long time ago on this exact PC, but when I installed (with iAktos v7, I think) I got an endless restart cycle. So, today I'm asking for help from the experts! My friend has already told that I would have to use a legit retail copy of Snow Leopard, and i Boot! CPU: RAM: Motherboard: http://gyazo.com/09f78e3f32b2ab881c97e24e8993533f Graphics: My networking, should be a TP Link - TL- WDN4800! Replies are much appreciated!
  5. I have recently purchased a new computer and it was a Dell Inspiron 2310!! It has a huge screen and is an all in one PC, so I think it'd be really cool with OSX86:D I had great success at my last attempt of OSX86 on my Toshiba L500, which still runs today (if anyone needs any kexts on that, just holla @ me:) So yeah, I would need some advice on this.. I haven't actually tried anything yet, I just want you guy's view first =) The PC: http://www.dell.com/...e-2310-intel/pd Thanks guys if you can help me =) If anyone needs any extra info, just post here and I'll reply pretty much asap.
  6. A few problems.

    okay.. you got a link for this?
  7. A few problems.

    yes:/ still the same error.
  8. A few problems.

    okay hey sorry for the very late reply. i was away i hope you reply.. and as i said i will glady pay you after it. and stuff. anyone?
  9. A few problems.

    alright, ive still got the same problem it still freeze's at boot. and ive tried the 'appleNTAtest' thing.
  10. A few problems.

    hey, sorry for not replying last night i fell asleep. and no i cant but it looks like this http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http...=1t:429,r:0,s:0 // but freeze's after say 5 minutes.
  11. A few problems.

    erm.. i installed it etc it worked but doesnt boot. it gets to a certain point then freeze's?.. on the sync thing. can someone help me? <3
  12. A few problems.

    okay then. ill do that and report back; and another question. whats the best networking PCI card? hopefully will work out the box?D:
  13. A few problems.

    yes yes it is that, how can i go around installing the sata controller?