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  1. Seems odd, maybe they mean you can make one partition bigger without having to format it, but if you make it smaller, you can't use the freed up space to expand a separate partition on the disk without formatting.
  2. Can't wait til i have time to crop these icons for my iphone, if any of you guys do b4 me could you post them. I'll do the same!
  3. New Jersey teen unlocks Apple iPhone, uses on T-Mobile network Friday, August 24, 2007 - 02:03 PM EDT "A teenager in New Jersey has broken the lock that ties Apple's iPhone to AT&T's wireless network, freeing the most hyped cell phone ever for use on the networks of other carriers, including overseas ones," The Associated Press reports. "The New Jersey teen collaborated online with four other people to develop the unlocking process," AP reports. "George Hotz, 17, confirmed Friday that he had unlocked an iPhone and was using it on T-Mobile's network, the only major U.S. carrier apart from San Antonio-based AT&T that is compatible with the iPhone's cellular technology," AP reports. "The hack, which Hotz posted Thursday to his blog, is complicated and requires skill with both soldering and software. It takes about two hours to perform," AP reports. [Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader "Ryan" for the heads up.] Buy it here Read his blog Here!
  4. I came across an awesome application called Ifuntastic that allows you to use music files you crop as ringtones. I used garageband to crop some mp3's and exported them as m4a files. The program does work perfectly, however you have to follow the directions each step of the way. The app will seem like it crashes during the process, but be patient, go make a sandwich or something and it'll get the job done soon enough. There are some cautions as with any app, such as auto sync will stop working and you will have to manually sync w/ itune, but it didn't happen to me. I got the app off of demonoid but it is also available HERE! Hope some of you find this useful!
  5. borat23

    Unlocking iPhone

    Yup, he didn't have that feedback when i posted earlier. Good thing i waited to pull the trigger!
  6. borat23

    Unlocking iPhone

    Ebayer with over 600+ feedback says he can do it and it only costs 8.95 I'm totally skeptical but why would they jeopardize their ebay account of over 600 feedback?
  7. Thanks for the tips, the google proxy is a great workaround for now! Thanks for that, now I can at least make use of the edge network. Unfortunately, we use ckip, leap or peap to authenticate on the wireless network here at work. I need to input a username and password to get on. I have tried <username/password> as the wep key which works on older versions of osx and am able to successfully connect but as soon as i attempt to use the connection it drops and the edge picks it up. I have read about other companies that use the same security and said that it doesn't support their encryption.
  8. borat23

    iPhone Nano

    http://tonystech.blogspot.com The aliens told me about this last month
  9. look at the attached image, it's self explanatory
  10. yes you can I used bootcamp to do it!
  11. So I go to setup wifi at my work on my Iphone and end up very disappointed. The Iphone doesn't support enterprise security, a feature found on just about every other smartphone with wifi! Many secured wireless networks in education and corporations use WPA with 802.1x to authenticate users so why wouldn't the Iphone support it? I hope apple releases an update for this because the Edge network is worthless here in Cleveland. I honestly would prefer dial-up over this "2.5g" garbage.
  12. borat23

    Iphone NANO!

    WTF!!!! Apple dropped with ball with the Iphone Shuffle! It sync's photos, but doesn't mention anything about videos!
  13. borat23

    Iphone NANO!

    http://tonystech.blogspot.com I only spent like a half hour on it. . . what do you think? Anyone else have any Iphone Nano designs?
  14. I'm sorry if someone has already posted this but before you copy the cracked finder to the Fresh OSX install, boot to the OSX installation that will become your appletv and make sure to choose Mirror Displays in the system preferences so that it will show appletv when you plug in an external TV, Projector etc. Might as well setup you wireless and other settings at this point along with installing updates. everything works great btw!
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    Input Remapper 1.0.03 Release

    If you have problems with input remapper running correctly on your vista install, disable user account controls in control panel - user accounts.