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  1. Problems Booting To MacOSX 10.4.6

    what version of 10.4.8 should I get, so I don't download a bad one again. Im sse2 btw incase that matters in your decision Thanks in advance, VenumX
  2. Problems Booting To MacOSX 10.4.6

    It seems as though everything works up to where it says: BSM auditing present disabled From path: "uuid", Waiting for boot volume with UUID 1C05B5AE-8F2E-3BC2-9B25-DA38C67B3612 Waiting on <dict ID="0"><key>IOProviderClass</key><string ID="1">IOResources</string><key>IOResourceMatch</key><string ID="2">boot-uuid-media</string></dict> error mapping module file com.apple.driver.AppleRTL8139Ethernet can't map com.apple.driver.AppleRTL8139Ethernet in preparation for loading Can't determine dependencies for com.apple.driver.AppleRTL8139Ethernet. Couldn't alloc class "com_apple_driver_RTL8139" IOPCCard info: Intel PCIC probe: not found. IOPCCardBridge::start failed FireWire (OHCI) TI ID 8032 PCI no active, GUID 05e40a00461c5123; max speed s400. Still waiting for root device Still waiting for root device Still waiting for root device ...keeps repeating I'll try downloading 10.4.8 instead see if it fixes everything unless you guys have any other suggestions Thanks, VenumX
  3. Format HFS+ Partition In Windows XP

    Nothing was working, so I went to Acronis Disk Director and I formatted the drive as a fat32 (like I had done before) then I changed the type to ShagOS (swap) which changed the type to 0xAF. I rebooted then ran the MacOSX Disk Director and finally it converted the drive into HFS+ format. I suspect it had something to do with the partition map of the filesystem types I was formatting it to before. Thank you for all your help. It installed really well, but when i boot up I have a new problem I'm going to post about it in another section. Thanks again for all your help, VenumX If you would like to help me with my new issue heres a link to the problem: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=48835 Thanks again guys, VenumX
  4. Well I installed JaS MacOSX on my HP Pavillion dv4165 Laptop it seemed to go OK, but when I try to boot to it, I get to the white/gray loading screen but after a few moments there is like a "Do Not" symbol that seems to be layered over the OS. I have recreated the screen using photoshop this is basically what it looks like: Any help you can give, or information you need, please just ask. Thanks in advance, VenumX
  5. Format HFS+ Partition In Windows XP

    Ok, so first I went and and tried macdrive 7 to see if it would format it into HFS+ for me. It didn't. It will not touch any windows drives such as fat32 or ntfs so that rules that out. Next i tried to use the gparted live cd to format it into regular HFS after reading ace's post. Told me that the max volume size was 2gb for HFS and it wouldn't format it. I have previously formatted it to fat32 in windows. So I'm wondering why gparted is saying the max VOLUME size is 2gb. If anyone has any other ideas or can see where I made a mistake please tell me. Thanks in advance, VenumX
  6. Format HFS+ Partition In Windows XP

    From my knowledge the regular HFS filesystem has a maximum size of 2.00 gb whilst the HFS+ filesystem has a max filesize of like 16 TB? I have 40 GB that I need to format in HFS+ format. I will try this method and get back to you, thank you for your time.
  7. Hello, I was just wondering if there is any type of software or procedure to format a partition to HFS+ from windows. I know that when you install osx86 there is a Disk Utility in there but it gives me errors and wont let me format the disk as HFS+. I think that if I could format it to HFS+ from windows it would solve my problem because then I could just mount the HFS+ partition without having to use the disk utility in the installation. Any responses would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, VenumX