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  1. So, meine frage : Klappt 10.6 von der Retail DVD auf nem Asus f5 entertainment notebook? Danke im vorraus. Edit: Welchen bootloader bräuchte ich dann und kann man die Retail DVD mehrmals benutzen?
  2. Deinstallation

    The problem is, i have osx installed and if i want to install win7 the pc doesnt boot per cd nor by usb stick.
  3. Deinstallation

    Need help ((
  4. Deinstallation

    I want to install both and i have 1 HDD.
  5. Deinstallation

    Hey thanks. But i didnt install win7 . I want to install it. and if i boot from win7 install dvd it still boots chameleon . I want to install win7 with dvd but it wont start. I have boot priority : 1. my dvd burner 2. HDD I dont know what ive done wrong but i think i wanna remove mac and then install win7.
  6. Deinstallation

    I have the retail dvd. And how to do that? May you explain it? Thanks in advance!
  7. Introduce yourself.

    Hey my name is David, im 20 and im from Germany. I have osx86 on my pc already and im glad to post in this forum.
  8. Deinstallation

    Hey. I have mac osx 10.6 retail on my PC. So. I just installed rc 4 chameleon yesterday and it worked. So my problem is i wanted to install windows 7 from dvd. And it always boots from chameleon to mac. Even if i fix boot prioritys How to remove chameleon or get Windows to a working installation? I think i want to remove mac and just let my Hard drive empty. How to remove that osx completely?
  9. Problems with AMD and Retail snow leo

    Please close problem solved
  10. Hey. Today i installed Mac osx 10.6 from retail dvd. I used a bootloader from a forum member. So my problem is: i cant get chameleon working and i still need the boot cd. How to get that working? Amd phenom x4 955 4gb 1600MHz gskill ram Asus 790fx chipset nvidia 9800gt 1gb
  11. Is that system compatible with hackintosh?

    I just want links for tuts, i know that!
  12. Is that system compatible with hackintosh?

    Thanks for the fast reply. And i forgot to tell you my RAM: 4GB G-skill 1600MHz ram Can you give me som links for that?
  13. So i have a AMD 790FX chipset on my Asus Crosshair Formula III Mainboard Graphics: nVidia 9800GT Processor: AMD Phenom 2 x4 955 BE @ 3.2GHz (standard) Sound: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro Networkcard Networkcard: Dont know but i use dlan Thanks in advance <h1 class="contentsTopics"> </h1>