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  1. THERE IS NO SERIAL FOR OSX - just install
  2. ******** The rest of your post just illustrates my point.. you want a ready made, easy solution to dual booting, ideally with bootcamp as grub is too much effort, and you want someone else to make it for you, whilst complaining about them & their attitude at the same time. *********** What are you talking about - "you want a ready made, easy solution to dual booting" ??? No I just wanted to tjek if bootcamp MADE BY APPLE would work on iAtkos with EFI bootloader - Im a allowed to search for this information ?????? "you want someone else to make it for you" - Yeah Apple makes bootcamp - so yes I want to use their software ..... I give up, you totally misunderstood . I believe that I used this forum in the correct way by simply first searching for the information before asking - I mean, I didn't ask anybody for this information but found it myself - so honestly I don't understand what your problem is.
  3. I'm sorry but I think you toally misunderstood - I didn't make this thread because I didn't know about bootcamp. I solely created the thred because I was unhappy about uphuck and his crews attitude towards the community. Yeah I had OSX86 since the beginning and I know bootcamp never worked , but thought that it might with iAtkos EFI bootloader - well how can I know this if I don't search for an answer. And yes I did search this forum for the answer but they don't mention iAtkos EFI bootloader when talking about bootcamp. Anyway this is what you get when searching for bootcamp in here: My Leopard installation working great :censored2: *First post recently updated* 1 Unofficial- Geforce 8 thread Marvell Yukon 8001 - the driver Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 Leopard How-to (Updated 12/26) HP Pavilion tx1000? EFI Bootloader and bootsound! GTA San Andreas on Crossover ........ And searching for "iAtkos bootcamp" gives you no results. And yes I know that doing a dualboot hackintosh will do the same thing as bootcamp - but it is much much more complicated especially if you have a setup like mine - took me 2 days last time when I did my triple boot installation with tiger. Bootcamp would be able to do this on my computer much faster and easier - plus i don't have to fight with GRUB .
  4. HAHA - Great. I did send uphuck and his crew an email with a link to this forum thread - maybe that did the trick. Great now I can finally find out if bootcamp is working under iAtkos (and yes I am going to use the search function first )
  5. So this is what meets you when visiting uphuck.com forums: FORUM IS CLOSED Don’t like iATKOS, use ToH, Kallway or wetf you want. ON IRC, I WILL NOT RESPOND TO NOOBS BY ALL So first of all, for once I am getting really tired of ESKURZA Ok first of all they {censored} up - yes they did. They made one big mistake by announcing iAtkos release November 9´th. And after the release was delayed they didn't care to update their site - weeks passed and no word at all. So after 2-3 weeks or so iAtkos was finally released. Yeah we no it was somewhere in Turkey and uphuck couldn’t send it with mail - but honestly I don't care, they could simply change the release date on their homepage. And yes they {censored}ed up again when they uploaded it - they released it by sequential uploading, making the download immensely slow. But ok everybody got their iso's after 3 days so everybody was happy in the end. And because of those 2 {censored} up's people where angry and yes then they write stupid stuff on uphuck's forum - AND SO WHAT ??? Apparently ESKURZA is getting so angry that he basically told people there that they could just {censored} off if they didn't like it, the way it was. I mean in the Forum they had one long thread called something like: Apologies - Which was basically used to say that they loved uphucks work and apologized for all the people who wrote stupid stuff on uphucks forum. It was basically total ass kissing - OH ESKURZA AND UPHUCK WE LOVE YOU AND YOUR WORK..... my goooood. I guess ESKURZA is really somebody who can't take any critics at all, not even if it's justified. And a whole tread telling them how great their work is was not enough. What does this guy won’t ? Pure 24 hour ass kissing ???? So thanks for the message ESKURZA on the forum. I can only tell you that I run iAtkos and yes I am really satisfied and happy with it - runs very stable and very fast - but I don't like ESKURZA attitude towards the community - it is childish. So open up the forum again, and if people are angry - IGNORE IT - they don't know you, so you shouldn't take it so personally
  6. VLC, mkv and Leopard

    WELCOME my friend - so I see that you also have come to the conclusion that mkv SUCKS . Yes not Leopard but mkv. Why are people using this video format anyway ??? What you got to do is simple: CONVERT your mkv movies to mp4 H.264 - thats the best format out there. What i really hate is that some die hard mkv fans are putting HD movies out in mkv format - it takes my Core 2 Duo e6600 about 2-3 days to convert a single High Def movie in mkv to mp4 H.264 (I was also downscaling the video size) - after converting 2 of those bastards I swore never to download any mkv files, ever again .
  7. Apple Tv - Bonjour problem on OSX86 - HELP

    Thanks mannnnn...You know this is why this forum is just insanely great. Thank you so much. Anytime you ever come to Copenhagen (denmark), I'll give you a beer.
  8. Stuck at Darwin Prompt

    Trust me I had the EXACT same problem
  9. My iTunes can't see my Apple tv. I have no problem playing shared music over iTunes. My iBook has no trouble syncing with the apple tv, so there has to be a problem with my OSX on my PC I am using the a Asrock Conroe-Xfire eSata motherboard and the RealtekR1000 network drivers. Could it be related to the Realtek driver ? Any suggestion is appreciated .
  10. Stuck at Darwin Prompt

    SOLUTION: Wow so many people have this problem.... Yesterday when I had it, there was only one person on a google search who I could find, had the same problem. What you all did wrong (and what i did wrong yesterday :censored2: ): When installing uphuck or (maybe) Jas you choose 2 kernels - probably you choose a intel/amd kernel AND a universal kernel - That is what causes the problem. Choose only one. Even after formating the disk this problem will not go away. So what you have to do: Delete the partitions. Re-partition your drive. Now you are god to go - just instal osx86 as you normally would, but this time only chose one kernel. I installed only the Universal kernel -2 - worked for me.
  11. MISSING A DRIVER - PCI - IDE Controller

    Nobody ???? I would really appreciate any suggestion
  12. Hi I have this card: ATA133 RAID Boost (w/cable) http://www.sandberg.dk/support/product.aspx?id=130-17 Anybody knows where I can find a driver. OSX says that there is no PCI card connected. I really need acces to the IDE drives connected to this controller I am running uphuck 1.3 10.4.9
  13. Dual spanning postem if you got em.

    AND name of driver + version - would be great
  14. Dual spanning postem if you got em.

    Hi nykwil. . I have the same graphics card, but I have som problem with the fan noise, when installing the Jccool Drivers. My Dual display is working but my GPU fan is going 100% Constantly. What drivers are you using. If you are using the same driver, did you change the cooling fan (GPU water cooling ???) of your graphics card, or are you just living with the noise???
  15. That of cause is an option, which I will consider. I have been really satisfied with the one that came with the card , ATI used a really low noise fan. Also another fan must have it's own, hardware controlled fan speed adjustment ( a software solution probably won't work on osx86).