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  1. I have been trying getting sleep to work for a loooooong time on snow leopard and I finally did it. The problem was always black screen on wake up. After experimenting, I noticed sleep/wake were working perfectly with leopard 10.5.6. but the system is becoming obsolete so I decided to give it another go on snow leopard and I just took the appleintelintegratedframebuffer kext from 10.5.6. and installed it on 10.6.8. and voila, the sleep and wake are perfect! You can find the kext attached, I hope this helps someone, cheers guys. AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext.zip
  2. Amilo Pro v8210 DSDT help

    All you DSDT enthusiasts, please check if my DSDT is patched properly. My laptop can't wake from sleep, and can't fall asleep with usb mouse in. I fixed the following: HPET, TIMR, WAK, UHCI, EHCI, GFX0, PFNL, LID, P-states, C-states. Can somebody please look if it's ok and tell me if I missed something that is preventing wake from sleep?? I wanted to set the os to be recognized as Windows 2006, but can't seem to do that, any help there appreciated. Thanks! dsdt.aml.zip
  3. Wake from sleep, am I missing something?

    Edit: It is able to hibernate, it just goes in the restart loop upon waking. So have to boot with Wake=No.
  4. Hello everybody! This is my first post, I really tried to find all the answers myself, but it seems I need your help. My laptop (in the description) fails to wake from suspend to ram. The fan starts working, but the screen remains black. When I change the hibernate mode to suspend to disk, it fails to sleep alltogether. These are the mods I did to my dsdt: Insert PStates and CStates (CStates don't load however) RTC, HPET, TIMR, IPIC, UHCI, EHCI, LID close fix. There are some warnings, so if somebody more knowledgeable could take a look at it, I'd really appreciate it! I fixed IOPlatformPluginFamily kext - ACPI_SMC Plugin MacBook2,1 plist, as my rig is almost identical, so the speedstep is working - I get cpuplimit 0x0 and 5 values in performance state array, all good. The CStates don't load, I don't know if it has anything to do with sleep. For the purpose of testing, I removed all ps2controller kexts and voodohda (applehda loads - it is shown as HDEF in ioregistry, but no sound). My extra only contains FakeSMC and IOATAFamily.kext I get a feeling the wake issue has something to do with GMA950 which is loaded via an efi string, but I'm not sure. So my question is, is there anything that could possibly solve the wake issue that I overlooked? I disabled USBLegacy support in bios, still no go. All the USB devices and EHCI device are recognized as built-in. I don't know what else to try, the sleep is a biggie for me, please help if you can. I'm attaching my DSDT. I hope I didn't forget to mention something. I've been chasing the elusive sleep for a while now. In preferences restart after power failure is toggled, LPC is shown in ioregistry, so all good there. Thanks in advance! Amilo_pro_v8210.aml.zip
  5. Hello everybody, I've searched and found no answer to my question so I post it here. Specs: ga-g41m-esl2 gainward 8400gs pentium e6500 2gb ram lifehacker method I installed retail 10.6.0 with lifehacker method, updated to 10.6.4 and ran the magic installer afterwards to install to disk. I patched dsdt code for sound alc887, and that worked great along with some kexts. My video card has qe/ci and all is great. The only thing not recognized is my processor, which says: unknown @2,97 ghz (it's 2,93 ghz actually). I haven't been able to find a dsdt.aml file for my processor on ridgeline's site, but I've read it's the same processor as core2duo e7500 with 1mb L2 cache less. So can I copy the processor info from the ridgeline's dsdt for core2duo e7500 to my dsdt? What kind of consequences would it have if it didn't work? Does this have an impact on speedstep and is it important to have speedstep enabled? I'm sory if these are noob questions, but that's what I am:) I really don't want to bork this install because I already have loads of apps installed and the system is rock solid, no KPs or anything. While I'm writing, another question, can I add one more gb of ram without changing the dsdt? I understand that is no problem, but I ask just in case. I would appreciate any advice you can give me, I already learned a lot from your great community and hope to further my knowledge with your help. Cheers!