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    Need a webcam compatible with snow leopard

    Thanks for macam, it works while running macam, but when I try it with other applications (photobooth) it shows "no camera connected" I dragged the files in already, any suggestions? Thanks. I might just buy the quickcam 9000 if I can't find a solution.
  2. Hello all, I have been searching around for a compatible webcam that is not that pricey and it seems like most webcams do not work with snow leopard that used to work with leopard? Can anyone suggest me a webcam? I used a quickcam pro 4000, microsoft lifecam vx-6000, and they all do not work on snow leopard. Thanks.
  3. Eyelashes

    Need AMD hackintosh build

    Thanks, I will try that guide. Is it better to just sell my computer and purchase an intel?
  4. Eyelashes

    Need AMD hackintosh build

    Hey guys, I have a Biostar TA790GXE 128M motherboard with a phenom ii x4, and whenever I tried loading a disk in, it would just show the gray screen with the apple logo and make my processor outrageously hot (60+ C) so I stopped trying. I researched a lot and no one seems to have been successful, so I am thinking about just buying a whole new motherboard. Can anyone recommend me a good amd motherboard that can run osx easily? My video card is also a sapphire hd 4830, and I researched that, and it seems like only a few people got it to work. I was thinking about selling that and just running my hackintosh without a video card, so a motherboard with decent integrated graphics would be nice. Thanks!