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  1. NV 8400 GS 0x0422 Desktop *FULLY WORKING* QE/QGL/CI

    OK For DVI on my 8400GS XFX 256MB Card (Passive Cooling): I used NVinject.kext and edited NVCAP to: <04000000 00000300 04000000 00000007 00000000> This gives me working dvi, but it acts strange when the display goes to sleep. When you wake it up, via the keyboard or mouse, it acts like you pushed "Detect Displays" in System Preferences. Anyway, although this is annoying, it has gotten me working dvi with no boot lag. -krijonk
  2. efi+vanilla kernel

    Dude, @agent-squirrel: dsmos is a NON-apple kext, made by people booting osx on vanilla pc's, i.e. osx86. There is no such thing as a "patched or not patched" dsmos. That is not the issue as long as he has it. (google what it is for more info, you sound confused) - - THIS IS A BUG IN THE BIOS OF THE MOBO. - - You will never succeed in booting the vanilla kernel on the PVLD2 mobo. I tried for many days to no avail. Same exact problem as you, instant reboot. I am convinced it has something to do with HPET and that mobo claimed "support", and since it is the older 945 chipset, I upgraded my rig, if you want to run software update all the same, i would suggest that option.
  3. My Hardware: Intel Pentium D 940 3.2Ghz, Intel D945GCCR mobo, nVidia GeForce 7300GS I installed two times and both resulted with the same issue: After installing using v1.2 of uphuck DVD, both "Personal File Sharing" and "Windows File Sharing" would not enable. So, I simply reinstalled the unmodified update from apple, force quit the installer, and replaced the kernel and needed kext's...and did all the steps, etc. After I did this I would have the use of Personal Files Sharing and Windows File Sharing. Now here is the kicker....I have an AppleTV. With this install, I can only initially "find" the AppleTV on the network to set up syncing. After this, I quit iTunes, and iTunes will never find the appletv again. I even did a full reinstall thinking it just got tweaked somehow, but no....I tried everything. I reupdated using 10.4.9 combo, I reinstalled iTunes using iTunes installer from apple. Permissions repaired thousands of times........No luck. Strangest thing is, that if I install using JaS 10.4.8 DVD (v1 patched...not the second release that came with more stuff), then I update using the apple combo 10.4.9 updater (like netkas' site....the same method used above to get personal file sharing enabled with Uphuck v1.2 DVD) ......I DON'T HAVE THIS PROBLEM THEN......I just don't get it. I am not complaining, just bummed, I was very happy with your release untill I found this glitch...don't know what it might be but I thought would provide the my experience...possibly a bug????....Anyway, great release, thanks for putting in the time uphuck....too bad I can't use it ...so bummed
  4. After failing to work using these instructions, I remembered that the only way my RTL8139 worked was when i put the rtl8139.kext in the extensions folder by itself, not "wrapped" inside the ionetworkingfamily.kext I tried the same approach with AppleIntel8255x.kext (put into /System/Library/Extensions), as well as editing the .plist and I have successfully gotten this to be recognized as PCI Slot ethernet on Intel D945GCCR motherboard. Remember to add 0x10948086 string to the .plist, or else your card will not work. This was done using the most recent IONetworkingFamily.kext as a base...hope this helps PS: Don't forget to: chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions/AppleIntel8255x.kext chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions/AppleIntel8255x.kext as i got a permissions error after only doing a permissions repair....