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  1. can anybody help me with this problem? i´m confused because i can´t boot.
  2. peak7810

    10.4.7 USB 2.0 **FIXED**

    how i can patch the .kext on a dvd, or .iso image. i need it because system boot fails on usb harddrive. or can i connect my usb hdd in windows xp or vista and change the .kext????
  3. on 10.4.10 an 10.5.1 booting fails with the message: APPLEGENERICPCATADriver: CMD0xf0, CTR 0x3f4, IRQ 14 its an usb problem, but what can i do. sorry about crossposting but can anybody help me please. on usb i have connected a switch for 2 computers with one tft one mouse and one keyboard, one tablet is also on usb.
  4. I have installed it fine on usb harddrive, but it hangs on boot with that error applegeneric....................... any solution? in attachment is a screen of this
  5. peak7810

    dualboot probleme

    wo kann man beim installieren den mbr oder guid auswählen? is das nur bei der 10.5 ? habe die 10.4.10 und aufm usb hdd und bootet nicht.
  6. I have install osx on a USB Harddrive and works fine, but after the restart, the Harddrive doesn´t boot.
  7. i have this hardware: AMD X2 4600+ Sockel AM2 MSI K9N Neo SKT AM2 ASUS 8600 GTS 1024MB DDR2 RAM and an pata and an usb drive
  8. My hardware: AMD X2 4600+ Sockel AM2 MSI K9N Neo SKT AM2 ASUS 8600 GTS 1024MB DDR2 RAM an pata hdd and an 2.5 HDD on usb. after booting dvd (tubegirl) it hangs on APPLEGENERICPCATADriver: CMD0xf0, CTR 0x3f4, IRQ 14 "vanilla -v", or "vanilla" "-s" nothing work. [edit] okay it boot the dvd then i disconnect the usb harddrive. but i would install osx on it!!!!!!!
  9. I´m running 10.4.8 with new kernel perfectly on my AMD SSE3 X2 4600+ with NForce chipset. All what i need works but the gamepad not. Can anybody help?
  10. for me it doesn´t work too.
  11. peak7810

    Marvell Yukon on 915GEVLK Issues

    I have do that for my 88E8038 but without results. There isn´t a new port in network preferences.
  12. peak7810

    Marvell 88E8038 Ethernet doesn´t work

    excuse me for doublepost, but can nobody help me. I´m confused ´cause the internet connections is of course important for me. Please people help me.
  13. i have make that fixing for my 88E8038 Ethernet Card in my Acer Aspire 3682WXMi. 11ab 4352 I have changed the number correct, but it doesn´t work. i have change the 88E8038 too. I do it like in the tutorial down under.