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  1. evga x58 classified

    Has anyone had any luck with Lion DP2 on an evga x58 classified I have that board with a nvidia gtx275 graphics card and i'm struggling to get the installer going Furthest i have got is a kernal panic that seems to be relatd to com_psystar_OpenHaltRestart using Chameleon 760 thanks
  2. Did you have any luck with this? I'm at the same positiion but with a evga x58 classified I tried to build my own boot-132 using the x58 files as a base but i get a reboot - I assume i'm messing up the kernel somewhere.. I'm using an early 10.5 retail CD
  3. DFE's BOOT-132 Resources Thread

    Trying to get OSX going on my new evga x58 classified with an i7 920 using Boot132 and a retail osx disk but struggling. i'm trying the x58 kexts that i found but i get a reboot not sure where to start trouble shooting - appreciate any ideas - kernel panic ? THanks
  4. Hi i have an asus a8n32-sli deluxe motherboard and have succesfully built a working leopard install from the retail disk using various guides from around the internet BUT... i have no network connection my motherboard has a marvell yukon2 network controller as well as the nforce one my install of leopard doesn't recognise the nforce one at all but does recognise the marvell one - it gets an ip address from the dhcp server ok and i can ping addresses but i can't connect to webpages looking at some logs it appears that it is missing interrupts regularly Can anyone suggest a solution? i've checked the hardware id in windows and it is the same as the one for the 8053 controller in the kext file Thanks................... David