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  1. Hi, I have a Sapphire 512 mb X1600 Pro card. I tried the 3.2 installer with 10.4.6 and everything is working except 256 mb instead of 512 mb, but no problem, and no 'flipping' effect with the widgets. I do get CI/QE enabled in About this mac, and the other dash and ripple effects...
  2. When Does OSX86 10.4.1 expire

    I don't think it has been leaked yet, while legit Apple TDK owners must keep their mouth shut..
  3. Any Games working??

    Tried Quake II and Quake III Arena recompiled for x86 on a 915 mobo, none worked. Strangely enough, the PPC versions of the same games do run fine. Wolfenstein 3d runs, and sufficiently fast. Legacy Doom also.
  4. 10.4.2

    Well, the other poster doesn't speak English. She's asking whether 10.4.2 runs on non-Apple hardware or not. I'm eager to know that, too
  5. Are you sure ? At the WWDC Steve Jobs talked about an end '06- beginning '07 release for Leopard...
  6. MacOS and the Floppy Drive

    I've tried a no-name usb floppy (the ones usually used for floppy-less windows notebooks) on Tiger (on a real iMac) and it works flawlessly, floppies are recognized with their own icon, even FAT formatted of course. You'll have to eject them manually, though :-)
  7. Mathematica 5.2

    It works, thanks! Can't post the benchmakr results, tough, since Mathematica hangs on Test 3 - Discrete Fourier Transform. On my Windows System (a 3.0 P4 Prescott with 1mb of cache) I get 1.35
  8. Project: Mono

    You get mono basic, a still incomplete implementation of vb.net for mono. Keep in mind that Microsoft released the C# standard to ECMA, but not Vb.net
  9. Time changes in XP after running OSX

    You can sync at boot with this batch w32tm /resync exit using the ntp server defined in the clock settings (this works on XP) .
  10. Time changes in XP after running OSX

    The problem is that MacOS, like many Unices, assumes that the RTC time and date is UTC, aka Greenwich Mean Time. Windows instead always assumes that it's local time. So if you don't live in Greenwich or in the same meridian you get the problem. One solution could be to program both windows and macos to synchronize with a ntp server at startup, if there is a permanent net access of course.
  11. Quake 2 Port

    You have to copy a baseq2 directory from a working PC or Mac installation to the baseq2 folder of the ported Q2 for that. I have a Bender release1 installation on a 915 mobo with a sse3 cpu, tough, and can't get q2 to work either: I get the 'punching' iD animated logo, with wrong colors/resolution, a similarly rendered 'Loading' screen, then the system changes briefly resolution and the program bombs inexorably.
  12. NNTP Newsreader anyone?

    Many Mac users swear by MacSOUP - it runs on Rosetta. I'd like something like Fortitude Dialog, by far the best windows reader in my opinion.
  13. tv-out on gma 900?

    I can buy a good general purpose svga-tv converter for some 60 euros here, supporting resolutions up to 1280x1024 and vga pass through...
  14. I am too able to "play" dvds (I've tried the german dvd "Der Untergang", specifically) this way with 8.2.4 compiled for x86,after selecting Quartz as the default video output. But it is not really dvd playing, you're playing the vobs, there is no menu access...
  15. SDL doom!

    I compiled it successfully, but when I try to launch it I get a Bus error after the first lines of startup text..