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  1. Snow Leopard on VAIO P(VGN-P90HS) working!

    I've also installed Chameleon (RC2) on the EFI partition. I tried building and installing RC5 (Meklort branch, with GMA500 support), but no luck, I can't get it to boot. I also seem to be stuck at 10.6.5.
  2. Snow Leopard on VAIO P(VGN-P90HS) working!

    Anyone? I need to update my 1101HA (GMA500 chipset) to 10.6.7 at least to have a working wifi, but 10.6.6 and later lead to a hang at startup. It is really getting desperate... I know that I should have bought another netbook to use with linux and as a hackintosh., but this is the one I have and the one I can use right now. Thanks!
  3. Snow Leopard on VAIO P(VGN-P90HS) working!

    I've tried to use the IEGD {censored} in Linux, and went back to the psb drivers, as IEGD is even more tied to specific library versions, and is basically a binary blob, without much source. It will work on XP, and on a couple specific linux releases, but not on anything else. As for ryuu123's pack in post 483, it worked partially on my 1101ha. The bootloader patches the kernel successfully, but I get stuck in 1024x768 instead of 1366x768 until I go back to the boot disponibile in Corsino's blog. The IntelSCHATA.kext isn't being used, even when I pass rd=disk0s4 (my hackintosh partition). The graphics driver seems to work, but I can't get the system to sleep (maybe some outdated kext laying around). If anyone can help with these two (IntelSCHATA and sleep) I'd appreciate.
  4. Osx on ASUS EeePc 1101HA ?

    Vince, you need to remove the existing one under /System/Library/Extensions/AppleIntelIOATA.kext/Content/PlugIns, and put the most recent one from the VaioP threads there. My problem with the keyboard was DSDT - I had to provide mine instead of using the one from this thread. Now I am still stuck in some stuff - wifi only works in 802.11G, not on 802.11n (in 10.6.5, as in 10.6.4 it worked on both), ethernet doesn't work, sleep doesn't work. I also tried connecting a Huawei 3G key (E1692) and even if it is detected and installed, doesn't work. Looks like some problem still with the usb drivers.
  5. [HELP] Atheros AR9285 on Snow Leopard

    That fits what I see here; At work, with 802.11G+WEP, it works well. At home, 802.11N+WPA2, connects but doesn't get an IP. Strange.
  6. How did you upgrade to 10.6.4? When I tried with the vaio patch script, after rebooting I kept getting a device timeout, and OSX would never finish booting waiting for the root device. I had to reinstall, and am now a bit afraid of trying the upgrade again. Never mind, I managed to update. The problem was when I updated to 10.6.5, the atheros wifi stopped working. It still sees networks and associates without problems, but it won't get a ip address. More stuff to check... I has wifi working in 10.6.4 with the WIFI_AR9285.zip file from kexts.com. Another thing that still doesn't work well is the hd - I still can't get it recognized as SATA. Another update, wifi still works - but only 802.11G, 802.11N doesn't work in 10.6.5
  7. Intel SCH SATA driver on ASUS 1101HA

    Did you get any further with this?
  8. Eeepc 1101HA keyboard and touchpad

    I really was being stupid. I was using a DSDT done by another 1101HA owner, instead of dumping the one from my 1101HA and fixing it. It turns out they were different (different ROM version?), and that with my DSDT both the touchpad and keyboard work (at least during set-up phase). In a couple of hours I'll see if they also work after installation (no reason not to, but you never know). Thanks for the help, anyway. Edit: I can confirm it works, now I am fighting the known problems -wifi, ethernet, sata, audio...
  9. Eeepc 1101HA keyboard and touchpad

    I'm felling frustrated again. I had the keyboard (but not the touchpad) working for a while, with the voodoo kexts in the system partition. Unfortunately, it stopped working when I was going to input my details, and never worked again. I've tried all, -f, cpus=1, single user, etc. The keyboard refuses to work with osx. What can I do to find what is going wrong?
  10. Eeepc 1101HA keyboard and touchpad

    Ok, I was trying to install with touchpad and keyboard working, but adding it to the system partition gets the keyboard working (some times). I'll check more now with the kexts listed in the blog and the discussing I referenced to see if a combination of those gets my system working. As for "-f", I need it at least to get the usb mouse working so I can run the install, with only the dvd and the boot key, and I don't have any mkext file in the boot key, so it is strange. Muito obrigado!
  11. Eeepc 1101HA keyboard and touchpad

    I just tried it, and got the same result. As /System/Library/Extensions didn't exist in my chameleon boot key, I created it and moved those two there. Left all the others in /Extra/Extensions. Unfortunately, the keyboard and touchpad still don't work. As with ACPIPS2Nub.kext and ApplePS2Controller.kext I only needed to pass "-f" and the usb mouse gets detected and allows me to finish the install - of course later booting into the installed partition stops waiting for a keyboard. PS: I can add the output of lspci and lsusb in linux, if that helps PPS: Obrigado!
  12. Eeepc 1101HA keyboard and touchpad

    Unfortunately, using those kexts even the usb mouse isn't detected anymore, and the keyboard and touchpad still won't work. This is what I have in my usb key extensions: AppleACPIBatteryManager.kext AppleSMBIOS.kext NullCPUPowerManagement.kext VAIOPEnabler.kext VoodooHDA.prefPane AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext fakesmc.kext OSXRestart.kext voodoohdahelper VoodooPS2Controller.kext AppleGenericPCATA.kext __MACOSX PlatformUUID.kext VoodooHDA.kext VoodooPS2.prefPane The two kexts I had before for the keyboard where ACPIPS2Nub.kext and ApplePS2Controller.kext, which I removed so as to not conflict with the voodoo ones. What should I try now? Thanks!
  13. Hi all, I followed a blog and a discussion here to get a running install of snow leopard on a external usb hd. The problem is that I had to do the install using a external usb mouse, and after install the hd boots, but stops asking for a keyboard, as the keyboard still isn't detected. I know a GMA500 notebook might not be the best choice to run osx, but it is the one I have. What should I do next? I've tried some kexts that were mentioned in the discussion and in the blog post, but without any success. Can anyone help me here, and suggest what should I do next? Thanks!
  14. Osx on ASUS EeePc 1101HA ?

    Hi, I've followed this guide and the linked blog, and I'm stuck after install, as the keyboard and the touchpad never get recognized. I've tried a few kexts, but the final result is always the same. Also, I have to pass "cpus=1" as a boot parameter, or a usb mouse isn't recognized, and so I can't even install. Any suggestions on what should I try now, which kext should work on this? Thanks!