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  1. I have an Intel m.2 SSD and it works, but I have to adjust the bios to: Peripherals SATS And RST Configuration = SSD | Aggr. LPM Support= disabled
  2. I did nothing to get night shift and it is choosable with my Dell UP2716D
  3. I have darkwake=8 in my config.plist but i had to add autopoweroff 0 in pmset for proper sleep. And until now with no errors or fails.
  4. I have the EU version of this mobo. Differences: BIOS: CSM Support = Disabled # missing Secure Boot = Not Active # missing Attempt Secure Boot = Disabled #missing For my fusion drive with m.2 SSD I had to adjust: Peripherals SATS And RST Configuration = SSD | Aggr. LPM Support= disabled Otherwise the fusion drive has been vanished after a reboot. To get wake after long sleep I have to set: sudo pmset -C autopoweroff 0 Without this the Hack is going from sleep to shutdown. Thanx for your great guide!!!
  5. 10.11.5 El Capitan and 9400/9200 It looks like a graphic problem but it is not. Disable Generate P- and C-States in Clover .......et voila.
  6. I never tried 10.11 on my Dell. Which SMBIOS def are you using?? MacTracker says MacBook 6.1 with GF9400 is supported by 10.11
  7. Which XPS 1340 do you have?? GF9400M or 210M Put the respective DSDT in the /Extra of the usb installer beside with the boot.plist and the smbios.plist from the first post boot args: -v UseKernelCache=No
  8. Archiv.zip This should be all from the first post, wo the 9400 state files.
  9. Do you have a modified DSDT from bcc9 in your Extra on the Boot HD??
  10. Showed what?? My non-Apple.kexts: FakeSMC.kext , VoodooBattery.kext, VoodooPSController.kext 1.1, DSDT v5 GF 9400 or 210M? RTC patch?
  11. I'am using a replacement, bought for 35 Euros - it is ok for 2,5 h. At Slack 21: Are you using a DSDT?? My bootlist is a yours - beside: UseKernelCache=Yes. My 1340 has working hibernate. My mode ist 3. Any problems if you check sleep: pmset -g assertions???
  12. Try a genuine MAC OS X installation not IATKOS
  13. idsynk

    SL in VMWare/VirtualBox

    10.6.x darf eigentlich noch nicht virtualisiert werden, allerdings hatten diverse VM-Ware MacVersion die Server-Abfrage abgeschaltet zB 4.1, so dass es dann ging. Wenn du es in VBox und FremdOS schmeissen willst, gelten die gleichen Regeln wie für nen Hack. Ich hatte 10.6.8 Vanilla Client in VBox 4.2.18 unter Debian und SuSE 64-bit laufen. VBox 4.3 und 4.3.2 unter SuSE 64-bit gingen nicht - is nen Bug. Installiert hab ich originales 10.6.3 Client mit NawcomBootCD danach Chameleon/FakeSMC/Nullpowermanagement auf die Platte gespielt und auf 10.6.8 abgegraded.