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  1. I think if you can update to 10.8.5 it might help If you have haswell chip it is only supported in 10.8.5
  2. armyaircorp

    Can't boot without USB

    Create "Extra" folder then install chameleon
  3. Did you try adding smbios? Start with MacBook pro http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/293158-smbios-macbookpro102/?do=findComment&comment=1958793
  4. I've noticed that smbios really does help. It might be trial and error but if you get the right one there will be better running system in the longrun with less tweeks. Also if your having problems with your video adapter here are a few notes to help you. You can not get full enabled graphics with VGA (at least not yet) If you have HD2500 - 4000 this will help: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/291614-intel-hd4000-and-haswell-inject-aaplig-platform-id/ If your having lots of problems buy an $80 Radeon 600 series it works out of the box this can also clear up a lot of errors if you delete appleintelhd*000.kext
  5. armyaircorp

    How do you get PCI to show up in about my Mac

    Thank you! I know its only cosmetic but wanted it to read.
  6. armyaircorp

    Strange problem with menu bar eject

    SOLVED.. No disc burner on my PC only reader. Changed with older burner I had
  7. I'd like to report I have a perfect running system on HP Elite 8300 with i5 quad core Ivy bridge. I did all the UPDATES that are available with no problems. I will post installation guide soon. Thanks to the community!
  8. armyaircorp

    How do you get PCI to show up in about my Mac

    can someone please help out? or at least report if yours is reading
  9. armyaircorp

    OSX don't run after update 10.8.5

    its a graphics issue. try -v -x if you can boot in safe mode fix graphics http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/291614-intel-hd4000-and-haswell-inject-aaplig-platform-id/
  10. First try this: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/291614-intel-hd4000-and-haswell-inject-aaplig-platform-id/ Then this: http://www.osx86.net/files/file/3520-new-intel-hd-3000-hd-4000-1085-ml-driver/ First option is best. worked for me.
  11. Ok. So the problem I am facing is that the Eject button on the menu bar say "NO DRIVES" BUT! F12 key opens and closes. Reads cd's and dvd's. transfers files and all. What's the problem? I have hp DVDROM DH41N SCSI CdRom Device on HP 3397 motherboard
  12. Did the update no problems for me on desktop with TP-Link
  13. Is anybody experiencing any problems with Airport 6.3.1 Update?
  14. It's a graphics issue Try to find proper way to install your graphics card. You can fix it from safe mide
  15. How do you get PCI to show up in about my Mac? I know in snow leopard there was a kext for this called iopcifamily. Is there something of the sort for 10.8.5? About This Mac>More Info>System Report> PCI Cards How do you get it to read there? It is reading everywhere else. This is last thing for my build Thanks for the help