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  1. Hackintosh on Dell Inspiron 1300 - How-To

    New troubles. Installed a kext from another post in the forum and got my ethernet working - but now my wireless card no longer works, airport says ' no airport card installed'. Any way to get it back? God I do not want to reinstall this for a 5th time...
  2. Hackintosh on Dell Inspiron 1300 - How-To

    GOT IT! After I got the successful install of the mac OS (green circle with check) I DID NOT reboot, I went into terminal before it could shut down, and entered the usr/ bootfix script, and this time it RAN. Rebooted with the second monitor, BEAUTIFUL. The trick to getting it to boot WITHOUT the external was finding kexthelper, and using that to install the other two scripts (the apple hda patcher worked for the sound but not the graphic scripts, which kept giving me a 'malformed mach' error). Running them through the kexthelper worked, rebooted and there is my internal LCD with my MAC. Now, on to the LAN driver (though if I never got it I wouldn't care, I got the wireless during the initial install TEE HEE HEE!!)
  3. Hackintosh on Dell Inspiron 1300 - How-To

    If anyone is still watching this thread, I got through the entire install (using -V but not -X -F because the install hung with X and V). I used the second monitor as well, though my main worked along with it right through. I got to the point where I pulled up Terminal and entered the script for /usr/misc above which I understand configures the ability to boot. I even had my wireless and lan working right off the bat -- and I was particularly careful to use the correct volume name. Alas, I got the error message that the directory was not found... After that, what could I do? I had to eventually shut it off after playing around in the mac system. It then could not load from the hard drive, it loaded once from the disc and got me back into the utility but went no further after that. Is there any solution for the library/directory not found issue? I also tried unmounting the volume I had mac installed on, and reentering the script. Still no joy. Wahhh!