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    Num lock not working.

    I have installed 10.6.2 on my PC that used a ps2 keyboard. But the i am not able to use the numberpad on my keyboard. The numlock is disabled. Is there any way to enable it. I don't need to toggle the numlock - just need it to be functional all the time. How can i solve this problem
  2. ambushxx

    galaxy 8400gs 512mb help!

    I couldn't get the system to boot with NVinject 512mb. I could get it to boot with nvdarwin but only at 1240 resolution. I've tried replacing the NVCAP sting in the kext but it didn't help. I've tried adding efi sting but the system hangs at boot. I've tried NVkush -- hangs at boot, Natit- hangs at boot also tried ati kexts. What else could i try to get it to work at the right resolution? Specs Asus n2n68-am plus motherboard -- doesn't have AHCI support, so couldn't get iDeneb to boot. AMD athlon. 2GB ram. Galaxy geforce 8400GS graphics card.
  3. ambushxx

    Kernal Panic with airport.

    I am very new to Osx. I just installed iPC 10.5.6 yesterday. Every thing except the wireless was working about of the box. So i followed some instructions on the forum and replaced IO80211family.kext in the extensions folder with a custom one i found in the forum. After this i was able to see the card in the network utility, but was not able to turn on airport. I downloaded a file Atheros.pkg form one of the threads(i cant locate it), installed it. The wireless started to work but now, when ever i try to mount any dmg file i get the kernel panic screen - its says invalid frame pointer. So if i want to install something i have to turn off airport, install and then restart to get airport turned on again. Is there any solution to the problem. My specs; Acer 2420 1.6ghz intel, 512mb ram Atheros ar5bmb5 wlan, iPc 10.5.6, voodoo kernel.