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  1. Wacom Cintiq companion.

    No love on this side of the fence. I was able to get 10.8 to boot. Main issues seem to be pressure, brightness and any power controls. Also, booting this system externally is more difficult than any other PC I've had... With all boot security off it has a bear of a time even booting into Windows on an external drive. Will keep fiddling.
  2. Wacom Cintiq companion.

    Just checking in on this one - I'm willing to sacrifice my Companion for the effort and will try some hacking this evening. Any updates?
  3. Atheros AR5005(G)

    Hi All, Can anyone with a Thinkpad X60(T) who successfully configured Leopard with Atheros post their NetworkConfiguration.plist and their Atheros5424.kext/info.plist? I've been hacking and reading for hours, but I always seem to get "Airport: Not Configured"... Thanks, AD
  4. Illustrator CS3 fails after serial

    Tried Photoshop CS3 this morning, 10.4.8 JaS and also under Leopard - same story. I think Adobe is doing something funky. If anyone out there has installed CS3 successfully from a retail package (valid serial numbers etc..) let me know? I'm wondering if it's just my systems. Thanks, AN
  5. Illustrator CS3 fails after serial

    I should add that I reinstalled Illustrator last night, but that didn't fix the issue. Is anyone running CS3 on their system without issue? Did you install it from CD or from another source? Thanks, AN
  6. Hi All, I bought Illustrator CS3 for my Desktop system, but wanted to install it on my hackintosh Thinkpad X60T (JaS 10.4.8) instead. CS2 seems to work fine, however CS3 never gets past entering the serial number. I enter it, it takes, and then simply quits. According to terminal, there was an error with MagicMenuEnabler. I moved that out of /Library/InputManagers and now terminal reports, simply "terminated". My X60T Dual Core has QE/CI Enabled and supported (according to system info). Any idea what could be going on? Thanks much! -AN
  7. Just a quick note, in case it helps someone in the future. I installed the latest installer on a thinkpad X60T. In order for it to work on my system, I needed to enable Speedstep in my BIOS. ACPIThrottle reported that CPU0 was throttled to 1ghz, CPU1 had no log messages associated with it at all... I noticed no difference in battery time, fan speed or temperature with the kernel and Throttle kext installed. Bigger though, my system randomly hung solid, for no particular reason. Removing the kernel and throttle was no problem. In any case, Paulicat is tops for trying this, despite my machine's outcome! Thanks for the awesome effort! -AN --- Thinkpad X60T Tablet; JaS 10.4.8 with PPF2 diskutil patch; khashoggi tablet driver .031; 10.4.5 IO80211family.kext
  8. OSX on IBM X41

    Try booting the system in verbose mode to see why/where it's hanging. At bootup, hold down F8 and type "-v" at the boot: prompt.
  9. I installed the 10.4.8 JaS image this morning after applying ppf1 and and then ppf2 patches. My Lenovo X60T installed without error, and "just worked". To make matters even better, I installed the Tablet driver noted here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=41054 ...and the whole thing is working. Thanks to the hard work of the brilliant engineers who've put time into this, my Holy Grail is achieved: A small, fast, TabletPC running OS X. I don't have sound, networking or sleep yet, but to be honest - even in it's current state this thing is already a huge win. I will donate to the appropriate parties - you've earned it, and more. -Aero
  10. Tablet digitizers operational?

    Thanks Vince29, I found a link for the driver. Not sure if that will do the trick for an X60T, but I'll report for others if it does.
  11. Just curious, has anyone been able to install OSX on a tablet pc, and get working digitizer/tablet functions? (I'm on an X60T).
  12. Patching my own?

    Done! It boots! Thanks for the tips. No sound, wrong screen resolution, sleep doesn't work and something is very wrong with netinfod, but what a hoot. -AN
  13. Patching my own?

    Now we're rolling, thanks Kiko. MBR partition and bootloader are done. Regarding the kextcache, is it a special kextcache binary that JaS rolled (Mkext I would think?) Update: Oops, I realized that it's likely the kexts themselves rather than a special kextcache. Update2: Thank goodness for OSBundleRequired and safe boot! :-) Now on to that kernel! Regards, -AN
  14. Patching my own?

    Ah... I see.. 10.4.4 was the original Intel developer release before a locked down EFI (damn that EFI) - but if people are now using a 10.4.8 kernel, EFI likely isn't an issue anymore - so why the need for 10.4.4 as a hybrid base still? I could re-roll a fresh 10.4.8 image including the new kernel and relevant patches, no? Speaking of that, Simthex, we should really chat. I might be able to help speed things up. Thanks, -AN
  15. I typed "vmware enable pae" in google, and the second link found this: http://forum.insanelymac.com/lofiversion/i...php/t20039.html " I have enabled PAE in my config file, though. Here are the first four lines of my config file for this virtual machine: QUOTE paevm = "TRUE" config.version = "8" virtualHW.version = "4" scsi0.present = "TRUE" " So, maybe paevm = "TRUE" is your ticket. Hope that helps a bit.