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  1. I installed snow leopard using this guide last year and I've managed to install all the updates up to 10.6.7 using updated kexts, etc. I just got a copy of Lion and was wondering if i can simply upgrade from the current installation and obtain all the necessary kexts for it or if I have to do a clean install. I loved the idea of installing OS X on a PC but honestly, installing from scratch was more work than it was worth. It took me nearly a month working on it every day to get EVERYTHING working perfectly. (mainly video and audio) I don't think I would do it again if I had to (this is why I have several images of my hard drive with working versions of snow leopard) Any suggestions?
  2. Hello, kup – thanks so much for the instructions and all the files. Everything works like a charm… except sound (when booting with your AppleHDA.kext I get an “ASSERTION ERRO AppleHDA… blah blah blah) In any event, I followed your instructions and also obtained suitable kexts for the video card (radeon hd5870). Since the sound wasn’t working I looked online and found an ALC889 kext for 10.6.4 on kexts.com After I rebooted, I saw the sound icon at the top and under settings, it gave me a list of all the inputs and outputs EXCEPT Digital Out! which is what I use to connect my computer to the sound system (optical cable) Any ideas? Thanks