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  1. Kext used by iAtkos S3

    or you could boot from the dvd and not include the core system or bootloader
  2. Kext used by iAtkos S3

    kexts can be imported from pretty much any media, the serve the same purpose no matter what media they are stored on
  3. What would you do?

    put it in a blender
  4. Triple Booting Live USB?

    i've installed iPortable snow on an 8gb USB and found that i only has 287.6mb of space left on the drive.... so unless you want to run either puppy linux, DSL or tiny core linux I think you may want a bigger drive
  5. pre-installed VMWARE image acting wierd

    had a similar problem with virtual box, unfortunately its one of those times where you are gonna have to start from scratch
  6. Dual booting Windows with Leopard

    if you are using chameleon it should work normally, not sure about boot 132
  7. Increase Partition Size?

    re-allocate drive space using a Gparted live cd, simple shrink your HFS+ partition and expand your NTFS partition... and to boot to a live cd, insert the cd into the drive, reboot and hold down alt when booting, click on the cd icon that says windows and wait for the Gparted to boot
  8. Dual booting Windows with Leopard

    its easier to work with 2 (or more) seperate SATA drives, but any of the 3 methods i've suggested should work properly as long as windows is installed on the first available partition, if you have jumpers set on secondary and tertiary (possibly sequencial slave drives) make sure windows is installed on the first partition of the primary drive, as it is easier to work with, it is possible to install on other partitions but it can be painful to reset drive space allocations if it takes up all of a secondary partition
  9. Snow Leopard Live 2010

    i've made one, but i'd advise not using one if you can't stand the pin-wheel of death, 15min to boot, and kexts constantly dropping in and out of support
  10. Dual booting Windows with Leopard

    there are 3 common ways of doing this: the first being shrink your HFS+ boot partition to the size you want your mac partition and installing windows on a freshly created MS-dos (FAT) partition, all done using disk utility. the second is wipe the drive clean and start again installing windows first and work with what you know works. the third being use a Gparted live cd/usb and use a similar method to the first. assuming you only have one internal drive
  11. cgi Notebook

    pretty much anything from the HP pavillion DV5-DV9 series should handle Maya as long as you're running 10.6, but i find maya runs faster on win7 rather than OSX
  12. new person

    or you could make use of the remote install feature that is included in the dvd, or get a firewire cable and clone your imac's hdd using CCC
  13. hfs+ boot

    if you don't have chameleon or boot-132 installed as a bootloader i doubt you'd get much further