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  1. Have you tried GraphicsEnabler=Yes? It has very nice detection, but for me it just says set memory to 64mb in bios. This just isn't possible on a laptop.
  2. Hey there I've installed this chameleon and I also have trouble with 128 MB ram... I know i'm supposed to set it at 64 or 32 but on a laptop that is not possible. I've also tried all ig-platform values and they freeze or leave blank screen when dsmos arrives (jumping to GUI). Is there any way around this? My computer is Acer V5-571 (i5-3317U) which used to work on ML. Any info is much appreciated
  3. Acer V5-171BIOS 2.13 Walkthrough and files

    Hi there i have very similar laptop, the 571. Is it possible for you to list which changes you did to enable hd4000 i cannot get it to boot without -x because it freezes either on spinning beach ball or even before on black screen after dsmos has arrived..
  4. Asus 1005hab (works for 1005ha) Snow Leopard Install Guide

    I am sorry for my post. But i think i put down everything you asked, being long-time user of this baby. I did not know who you are, so i put it so it works for newbs and (not so much i guess)techies. I wish you enjoy netbook if you buy it - maybe marugby123 will cook up 1.7 for you(and apple break with every single update). Best regards!
  5. Asus 1005hab (works for 1005ha) Snow Leopard Install Guide

    lion probably won't work for starters(it is 64-bit, which N2XX Atom does not support) you will have to move dock to the side or enable hiding because osx isn't meant to go under 1024*768(eee's only have 600 down) so some apps wil go "below" the dock and bottom edge of display. you need to update to 2gb ram to get true smooth performance(and have battery meter working) camera works EVEN with VESA graphics - software acceleration (but in slideshow lol), it's recognized as USB camera. if you have no problem with first few "fails", you'll probably get rid of any other OS on your drive:P
  6. Sleep doesn't go into S3 - FIXED

    it involves much hacking to your DSDT, i remember reading post here somewhere not long ago. it goes beyond "auto" patchers. i just plain leave it out on my home pc (i just turn it off when i don't need it), on netbook it works from pre-made packages/dsdt's/kext combos from net
  7. Lion GM, no ethernet

    mind sharing direct link or site? i just found some very old(and probably PPC) kexts on rtl site. thanks! i got it working half way by ruining vanilla S/L/E and copying all network associated kexts from DP4
  8. Lion GM, no ethernet

    i install all my kext with kext wizard, i did it by pulling vanilla IO from S/L/E to desktop, adding new kext, and installed. i certainly will, thanks to every single suggestion. that networking is only thing preventing me from using GM daily. even power collapse now works like it should(i used to get long shotdown time) best regards
  9. Lion GM, no ethernet

    now it says: unabe to load kext com.apple.RTL..jabjabjab... requested version 9.9 ...
  10. Lion GM, no ethernet

    thanks soo much
  11. Lion GM, no ethernet

    mind sharing SL kext because i got rid of it at Lion DP1? thanks
  12. Lion GM, no ethernet

    Guys please give me any clue what am i doing wrong here: i installed GM yesterday and i copied rtl8139 kext and some other from my previous install(DP4). rtl8139.kext loads and gets address, but right after IOUserEthernet.kext fails. console reports error 0xdc008016 (libkern/kext link error) and some messages make shure it is built against correct headers. of course no internet connection afterwards.. i did not change anything about that kext, it seems to be failing on its own! any help would be much appreciated i'm no newb, i've ran hackintosh since leopard. Current HW: ga-p35-d3sl, Q9300, 9600gt
  13. Chameleon v2.1 (Main Trunk)

    why isn't fakesmc part of chameleon itself? no hackintosh can run without it anyways and many (us) new users have conflicts you described. thanks, stirkac
  14. running build 480 like a charm easiest install ever! i like what apple has done in such short time from dp1
  15. thanks man, works i must say, very very nice build best update to date