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  1. I have a PC with ASROCK G41C-GS, Core2duo E6600 and Geforce9400GT on PCI-E had installed Mavericks 10.9.2 working perfect with QE/CI ps. dual boot with win7 Few days before I purchased a Xeon X5460 of LGA771 and used some mods to install it on by 775 mobo. After the installation, win7 starts fine and recognise the cpu correctly. But once i boot into mac, after the apple loading wheel screen, i just see a black screen with some color palettes. Sound volume control works so I think the os is running, just the display is completely broken. I managed to switch the display to onboard GMA4500 that successfully boot into MACOS but with no QE/CI As the Geforce card was functioning before the cpu upgrade, I guess maybe something related to PCI-E is change with the different CPU type. Any clues on how to fix this? Thanks.