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  1. Hi there, am a 1520 user who tried ideneb 1.4 (failed utterly) and kalyway 10.5.1 (much better). Is there a guaranteed way to start the installer? "cpus=2 vanilla -v" is my best bet so far BUT => I've tried the same settings like 15 times and finally got it to install, only to have the install encounter the same problem. It's that "panic ..... acpiosfree..... IOLib.cpp" and "AppleACPIFamily blah blah.. dependency IOACPIFamily.kext" Then I get the Mac OS Version : not yet installed thing.. I've never seen such a random thing! lol any advice? PS: I searched this thread but too many keywords everywhere... Thanks!
  2. hmm so we can't do the "-v" on this?
  3. Hi I just installed the iATKOS version.After all is done the bootloader shows up, allows me to choose between the partitions.So with choosing the MAC one it just shows the boot loader again.Choosing another primary empty partition shows the standard "System not found, insert system disk and retry" error.Any advice?Thanks!Some details:- pentium m laptop one 855GM, installed jas' 10.4.6 nicely before but no gfx h/wSome details:- pentium m laptop one 855GM, installed jas' 10.4.6 nicely before but no gfx h/wSome details:- pentium m laptop one 855GM, installed jas' 10.4.6 nicely before but no gfx h/w
  4. Hangs for some reason, the only negative-sounding thing is the AppleIntel915.kext link load error. (This HP uses a 965...) Any specific show stopper errors I should watch out for? I installed 10.4.8 on the 6510b a Santa Rosa laptop. Do forgive me if I suspect that 10.4.9 is needed, because the .9 is a file archive not part of the ISO... New to Unix and this
  5. I've tried to install Windows first, or 10.4.6 first. But whenever I used either diskpart or diskutil to set the other partition to active, neither ever boots again. Can anyone advise? And the strange thing is after this MBR whatever happens, my Windows based CDs refuse to run. LOL however I can boot only with the 10.4.6 installer DVD, which I then use to partition everything from scratch to enable my winxp cd to work again! So strange! Can anyone shed light on why? I don't need the solution per se, just like to understand why. Thanks in advance!
  6. [HowTo] Intel 8xx 1280x800 Full Support

    Hi guys, I tried and got the below when trying to load the Integrated on m5 855.. intel830 loads ok but no effect still "No KEXTs loaded" in diagnostics 21AppleIntelFramebuffer is not compatible with its superclass, 13IOFramebuffer superclass changed? kextload: a link/load error occured for kernel extension AppleIntelIntegratedGraphics.kext load failed for extension AppleIntelIntegratedGraphics.kext (run kextload with -t for diagnostic output)
  7. Hi I have this card. It works using the help found for the atheros (find IO8211Family.kext etc) But I don't have 108Mbps router so can't verify that works.
  8. Hi unlike other BBs this forum loads a tree and a post only, is there any settings to enable the normal flat view? Thanks!
  9. [HowTo] Intel 8xx 1280x800 Full Support

    Hi there, must say even in emul mode the video is very fast unless watchiung movies... is it possible to extract the 830 files from JaS' 10.4.6 installer dvd? The one with 10.4.6 as an install option? I see the mkext file on the DVD but not sure how to do it... is it there? Also does anyone have working power management? I get 1 hour from my battery. Will keep looking though it's been a few days of unguided searching Thanks to all for the parallel mac community LOL Apple should just sell the damn thing as retail.
  10. Atheros AR5005(G)

    Hmmm I got a Module is not installed properly dialog, subsequently I get A.kext is not authentic (check ownership and permissions). But I followed the instructions to the letter LOL Any advice? Thanks!