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  1. I am extremely sympathetic to this point of view.
  2. I'm in San Jose now and dropped by Fry's. Hey, look, a Gigabyte Z97N Gaming 5 mITX motherboard. (Z97 mobos are actually rather thin on the ground these days.) So rather than go through what seems to be Infinite Thrash getting USB ports working on my Z87, I just bought that and am hoping-- hope is free, remember-- that it Will Just Work with 10.11.1. We shall see.
  3. I will try that (when I get back to Reno). Thanks...
  4. Well, then, this whole thread kinda falls apart, doesn't it? Unless I'm really missing something. How can I use IOJones to enumerate USB ports under El Capitan when the ports aren't working and won't be seen. Wasn't the idea to enumerate the ports on a system where they worked (Yosemite) so you'd know how to make patches to enable them in El Capitan? So, I guess the OP's methodology simply won't work and I should ignore it, right? (Sorry if I seem touchy. I've been trying to get these ports to work for a week now.)
  5. But according to the very first post on this thread, I'm s'posed to run IOJones on my Yosemite install to enumerate the USB ports. And according to that same post: 1.First we need a working yosemite install so we can correctly map our USB ports (important). Open IOJones with no (unnecessary for this process) USB devices connected. Connect a USB device and Under EHC1 or XHC1 some green entries will appear. Thus my confusion. You see?
  6. I'll try one last time... If I _don't_ see any ports labeled "HS" or "SSP" with IOJones on my Yosemite Hackintosh as the initial post on this thread says I should, what should my next step be?
  7. I hate to ask this question again, since it's been asked several times on this thread, but after plowing through all 21 pages of this thing I haven't seen a definitive answer (it's entirely possible, even likely, that it's there and I missed it. My eyes started glazing over around page 14). My ASUS Z87-i running Yosemite doesn't show USB ports with identifiers like "HS" and "SSP" in IOJones. Instead I get stuff like you see in this image. Without knowing what these identifiers are, I can't proceed. I assume some existing DSDT or kext is inhibiting the display of the "HS" and "SSP" nomenclature, but I don't know what it would be.
  8. Well, I've rebuilt that damned USB boot drive 8 times over the last two days, using three different USB keys, you know, just in case. Every time I try to boot from one of them now I see this: boot0: GPT boot0: test boot0: test boot0: test boot0: error Hopefully the cause of this problem is painfully obvious to someone here, 'cause I'm running out of steam.
  9. I'm having the same problem as one other respondent I see here: I get to the white screen with the gray Apple logo and twirling gear, where it sits forever. Booting in verbose mode I see several USB timeout errors (4 or 5), then the screen fills with "Media not available" messages scrolling by really fast. It seems as though the USB stick drops off the bus at some point in the boot. Any ideas? I suppose I could try burning to a DVD...
  10. Replacing the Radeon 5870 with an NVIDIA GTX280 works. Perhaps I can restore the (quieter) 5870 after I finish restoring everything.
  11. I'm trying to restore my Hackintosh after a (disaster of Biblical proportions) attempting to update it to Sandy Bridge. Since I had a complete Time Machine backup and a pre-configured USB key that I'd previously tested with a ground-up restore, I thought I was in good shape. Nope. Suffice it to say that for whatever reason, although it worked previously, I can't get my system running from my USB key. Oh well. I'll just bring it back up from scratch and then restore from Time Machine. No problem. But none of the ISO images in the first message of this thread will boot a retail Snow Leopard 10.6 or 10.6.3 installation DVD (I have both). My setup: ASUS P6TV2 Deluxe/Radeon 5870/12G RAM I can boot the ISO image, but when I insert either Snow Leopard DVD and try to boot from it, the screen goes black, the fan on the 5870 goes to max, and the system is locked up so hard that I have to power it down (reset won't work). Same results on the 1.15.7 and 1.14.7 ISOs. Kinda stuck now. "Real" Mac Pros are starting to look pretty good. Any suggestions?
  12. Sadly, with both Radeon 5870 and 6850 video cards, running Andy's P8P76 Pro package renders the computer unbootable: I get to the grey Apple screen with the twirling circle below it, and after a few seconds, the circle freezes and the computer just sits there. Sigh.
  13. I have the same problem: as a long time Mac owner, I have the retail 10.6 and 10.6.3 installation DVDs. After I boot from your CD and insert either of the official retail DVDs and try to boot from them, I see a brief message "Can't find mach kernel", then back to the main Chameleon screen. Any ideas?
  14. Marvell 88SE6102 on ASUS P6T V2 Deluxe

    Hm. Looks as though the Marvell controller is actually a 88SE6111. This implies the device ID in the kexts I'm trying to use is wrong. I don't see any way to get the device ID from inside Mac OS since it doesn't see the device. I suppose I could connect another hard disk, install Windows, and look then, but that's hours of work. Does anyone have the correct device ID for this controller?