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  1. GTS450 sometimes starts, sometimes doesn't.

    is your GTS450 a Galaxy brand make? And yeh it not only happens with Yosemite, but also with mavericks too. Although it rarely happens(now with clover), it isn't too much a big deal for me. Try waiting for a few seconds on the bootloader and then try booting it. The chances for not booting has lowered after i started using Clover after chameleon. I feel clover is simple and wayy better than chameleon. Btw i never got HDMI working(DVI and VGA both work), any workarounds? thanks
  2. my installation of lion is stable and qe/ci everything works. i have no dsdt and use graphics enabler=yes. the problem is when i'm connected to HDMI, the screen goes blank after the apple logo. Is there any way i can fix this? i get HDMI video if i turn graphics enabler=no, but no qe/ci, no variable resolution and system profiler shows generic card. thanks for any help!!
  3. How to get hdmi output?

    isn't that solution for audio? i meant the video signal that i'm not getting
  4. How to get hdmi output?

    my card is gts 450. osx detects vga and dvi outputs but not hdmi. any solutions? plz help! thanks
  5. Share your thoughts about Lion GM

    i'm using lion gm. not much changes after dp4. i've noticed stability, startup times are improved and mission control is in the dock by default. that is all i've found
  6. Random freezes

    fermi freeze happens in snow leopard and predecessors. i'm running gts 450 on lion gm without freezes
  7. i've reinstalled osx 3 times and was successful in getting everything but not ethernet. my lancard is Intel 82567lf. btw i'm on dp4. does this involve ionetworkingfamily kext? plz help
  8. doesn't work on lion works well on sl
  9. i had it working under snow leopard but this doesn't seem to be working in lion. the kext is loaded under ethernet cards but the result shows Failed under ethernet in network diagnostics. I'm using chameleon rc5 r1020 without dsdt. My ethernet is Intel82567lf. Any ideas? Thanks for any help