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    OSX Read AND Write NTFS

    I am wondering if OSX will ever be able to read and write to NTFS partitions. I think that would really solve it for me. Right now, I am kind of miffed, because I can either have what I feel is a crippled file system (FAT32) or a secure one that isn't OSX compatible. I'd really like to be able to bridge the gap between OSX and NTFS/XP. I know of (and use) MacDrive for XP, but it's really not reliable enough to be used day-to-day. What do you think? Dan
  2. dmurray14

    2048x1536 - try it!

    Wait, so you didn't get 1600x1200 but you did get higher? Hmm
  3. dmurray14

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Are you the BFC kevlar?
  4. dmurray14

    WHY is it DOING THIS?

    Here's what I did: Boot into single user mode (-s at the darwin prompt) type sh /etc/rc type passwd root enter password type reboot then su will use that password. worked for me...
  5. dmurray14

    WHY is it DOING THIS?

    Well if that's the case, how am I supposed to use the maxxus packages? It gets permission denied without root privileges
  6. dmurray14

    WHY is it DOING THIS?

    I did the whole single user passwd curtis thing, seemed like it changed it fine. But whenever I try to use su and it asks for my password, it rejects it saying "su: Sorry" Why?! I know my password, but it's not accepting it. What gives? Thanks, Dan