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  1. Matus Kral

    VMWare Fusion Bridged Networking

    Don't waste your time with more testing. I'm running the same driver, get IP from DHCP, that's it. Simply the mac doesn't get any paket with IP of the virtual machine(s). br, Matus
  2. Matus Kral

    VMWare Fusion Bridged Networking

    I assume it's the promiscuous mode, what is missing. I have the same problem running virtualbox and snow leopard 10.6.4. br, Matus
  3. Matus Kral

    Disable Speedstep?

    I don't know if it's still actual for you, but CPU will throttle down independently on the system drivers / modules. I patched VoodooPState and PStateChanger to revert to 100% frequency, if thermal throttling occurs. If you are still interested I will post the modified PStateChanger. br, Matus