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  1. Follow the instructions, I have the Lion installed on an ESXi5 machine, but I have 3 problem below, can somebody help? 1. On the begining , entering the EFI interal shell , I input 'boot -v', got reply with " Shell>boot -v 'boot' is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program, or batch file exit status code:Invalid Parameter " I have tried installing EvOreboot.kext / OpenHaltRestart.kext separately,disabling appleintelcpupowermanagement.kext,replace FakeSMC , but it had no effect at all. here it's the crash report detail. shutdown_error.txt shutdown_error2.txt shutdown_error3.txt 2.after finish installation(using SCSI CDROM device with DELL iDrac virtual media remotly,it's so slow!but it did finish.) I found that the Lion is hang on when shutdown or restart, with the famous screen 3.the E1000 network card is inactive everytime the Lion launch, active after I enter some scripts below: $sudo ifconfig en0 down $sudo ifconfig en0 up after that, it became active. So I am so confuse , is anybody have the same 3 problem like me?
  2. Hello everyone Im hellpup from China. I would like to install osx LION on my ESX machines, and I have some problem to ask, thanks for all your help!